Vibrant and Classic Private Vaux Le Vicomte Castle Cultural City Tours

Places, Princes and princesses with beautiful historic buildings are what you will see on Vibrant and Classic Private Vaux Le Vicomte Castle Cultural City Tours. Gorgeous elaborate and elegant gardens as large as 3km will transport you back to an era where decadence and tradition were in the everyday routine for the many palace visitors.

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Take a Private Tour to Discover the Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte That Inspired Versailles

Vibrant and Classic Private Vaux Le Vicomte Castle Cultural City Tours

Like a fairytale, your Vaux Le Vicomte tour guide will have you enchanted and mesmerized with the history and tradition of the Palaces and beautiful local places while you are on tour. Many of the tours in this region are very popular with tourists and usually, end with a traditional tasty meal in one of the many gardens on the palace grounds while enjoying the many stunning views with classical music playing in the background and thousands of flickering candles to set the mood.

The Château de Vaux-de-Vicomte is a magnificent castle and was designed along with the Palace Of Versailles by the same architect. This is a masterpiece of Baroque style with huge drawbridges and moats, and perfect Vaux Le Vicomte private sightseeing tours are booked by tourists regularly as this is a must-see region of France. You will see and understand why the tours are so popular when you are walking and around the palaces and gardens of this beloved traditional region.

Nicolas Fouquet's Palace has one of the most grandest Salons in France which includes a delightful Kings Room and huge basements where the kitchen staff worked tirelessly on magnificent meals and parties. Vaux Le Vicomte escorted private tours are the best way to get an idea of how the upper class and royalty lived in these epic Palaces with formal gardens; there are even carriage museums on the grounds with gilded coaches and grand entrances. Book your Vaux Le Vicomte private tours before you travel as the Palaces are only accessible to the public on certain days of the week.