Step into a page of a fairytale with a private tour of Colmar

The quirky town of Colmar stands at the border of France and Germany feel like your about to step into a page of a Brothers Grimm fairytale on a Guided Tour of Colmar, with its colourful flower displays and middle-aged medieval themed houses - So enchanting and surreal, You might forget you in France all together! Just step into one of its riverside Pâtisseries and see both German and French pastries on offer.

Let the activities begin!

Sail the Petité Venice Canals by Gondola on Private Tours Colmar

Step into a page of a fairytale with a private tour of Colmar

Alsace the capital of the wine regions, Colmar looks as though it has been plucked from the pages of a medieval folk tale. At times the scenic private guided wine tour fools you into thinking it’s still the 15th century, and here, in the alley-woven heart of the old town, the illusion is complete.

A popular part of Colmar is known to tourists as "Petité Venice" with its canals offering gondola rides on the river Lauch, quietly cruise the waters to see this beautiful village that has successfully retained its 15th-century charm on a Colmar sightseeing tour. Half-timbered houses in chalk-box colours, cobblestone lanes and bridge-laced canals this place has day-trippers wandering around in a photo-snapping, gasp-eliciting wonder. It's no wonder Georges Duhmal called Colmar "The most beautiful town in the world."

Amid the vine-covered foothills of the mountains, the picturesque town of Colmar offers an abundance of historical attractions. Colmar’s illustrious past is etched in its magnificent churches and museums, which celebrate local legends from Bartholdi to the deeply cherished Issenheim Altarpiece. On a Colmar private tour visit popular folk music festivals and winter wonderland markets, see why there is something to entice everyone on a custom private tour of Colmar.