Cassis Private City Custom Tours Are the Cream of Coastal France

This charming fishing village is at the top of every tourist list when visiting Provence; Cassis Private City Custom Tours Are the Cream of Coastal France. Perfectly poised along the coves of the French coast this hidden gem will be one of the highlights of any tour in this region. 

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Explore small attractive town Cassis carved from a honey-coloured stone citadel that dates back to the Roman presence.

Cassis Private City Custom Tours Are the Cream of Coastal France

You will likely rub shoulders with well dress French locals than anglers in Cassis as this is a top of the range high coastal hotspot. Full of bars, boutiques and bistros any Cassis private city tours are worth booking to see the rocky outcrop sightseeing opportunities with quaint wineries and landscapes.

Cassis day tours to AOC are very popular the winery has been producing rosé and white wines for many years and is on the list of most visited attractions in the area. Turquoise waters, charm and candy coloured houses are at every turn it is not surprising why many people just fall totally in love with this coastal dream town.

Hiking through the Calanques or wandering around the quaint street of the old town many people usually end up at a port sidebar with a glass of white wine contemplating why they did not visit this charming town before. The friendly locals and traditional food have many French holidaymakers flocking to the town for some rest and relaxation which is a great sign for international tourists and why Cassis tours are becoming more and more popular.

As you take a stroll around the old town, you will see the impeccable charm of the town most if not all the houses have old shutters decorated in lovely pastel shades to complement the cobbled streets. Lick a lavender ice cream when you take your Cassis sightseeing tour, and your guide will let you know how it has become a speciality in this region of Provence.