Hear the Beat of Africa With a Private Tour of Arusha

Experience a holiday of a lifetime and hear the beat of Africa with a private tour of Arusha, Tanzania. Plan and book the memorable safari tours and top attractions of Tanzania.

Arusha is known as a standard minor, dusty Sub-Saharan African city and that is part of its charm. Arusha is found at the base of Mount Meru and is full of exciting, active markets besides the beautiful colonial buildings interspersed with different fashion outlets, all set on pot-holed streets full of hooting taxis and insane motorists! It 's hard not to experience the beat of Africa right here!   Read More...

Experience a Private Guided Tour of a Traditional Arusha Village

Hear the Beat of Africa With a Private Tour of Arusha

Arusha was first recognised in the 1830's by the Maasai people, and the area was taken over by Germans in 1900's, who created the Fort (Boma). The British took over the town during WWI, and it stayed in their arms until freedom was provided to the Tanganyika in 1961. Experience a private guided tour of a traditional Arusha village.

In summer 2006, Arusha was announced as a major town in Tanzania. Tanzania is a region of different societies and, accordingly, dishes, with the spices or herbs of Zanzibar flavour, and the unavoidable braaied (barbequed) meats - name choma - which is provided at work and in dining places. You can experience all this on a sightseeing guided tour.

Arusha has a variety of exhibits and museums and exhibits to be seen on a private guided tour, which explain the reputation of the city and its individuals and that display its art. Many of these integrate fantastic locations are ideal to buy your souvenirs to remember your safari encounter.

Top 10 Things to Do in Arusha

Ngorongoro Crater
1 This crater is within Arusha National Park and is a great private tour attraction. It is the remains of an extinct volcano and has a road all around it that gives fabulous views of the glades, lush green forest and animal tracks below. A new track down to the halfway mark of the crater has recently been done and to walk down it is exhilarating as well as nerve wrecking, but so worth it for the sights to be seen. It is a unique place.
Cultural Heritage Centre
2 This is a one of a kind, cultural centre on the outskirts of Arusha. It is home to lots of curio shops and boutiques displaying and selling genuine local crafts. The art and artefacts that have been found and put together in the Gallery, at this centre, will astonish you. There are lots of interesting things to learn about Arusha and Tanzania here. Take a private tour of here for some cultural education!
Meserani Snake Park
3 In Arusha, the snake is regarded as a special treasure. To the locals, they are a source of enjoyment and relaxation. This park teaches and shows you some snakes, even the dangerous ones like the Black/ Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra and the Puffer Adder. Also at the park, you can see feeding time for the crocodiles and that are up to 3 meters long. There are also craft shops, camel rides and a Maasai cultural museum. 
Tanzanite Experience
4 Tanzanite is a precious gemstone found only at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and nowhere else in the world. In 1967, this stunning blue and violet gemstone was discovered and it was given the name Tanzanite by the famous Jewelers Tiffany and Co. During your private tour of this museum you learn all about tanzanite and how it is mined and cut. There are craftsmen there so happy to show you how they work. They love their work
Themi Falls Leisure Park
5 This park is like no other in Arusha; it is calm, serene and extremely relaxing. Take a leisurely nature walk, seeing the fantastically varied bird life or visit the waterfall. It is the type of place where you just want to lie flat in the garden look up at the sky and reflect on life. There are lovely restaurants and cafes all over the Park, with wonderfully helpful staff. You are certainly made feel very welcomed and at home here.
Kikuletwa Hot Springs
6 Not far from the city of Arusha, are the hot springs of Kikuletwa which are also called Chemka Maji Moto locally. This truly is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. The roots of fig trees are surrounding this amazing hidden piece of paradise. Even though it is called a hot spring, the water is not hot but is refreshing with the waters flowing from Mt. Kilimanjaro. After the National Parks, a private tour here is nice for relaxing.
Arusha Village Experience
7 For the addicted coffee lover, this is a treat, a great private tour in this village of Tengeru near Arusha city, Tanzania, to learn how to roast and grind your coffee. There are also walks through the village to see the day to day life of the villagers and how they work the farms. Afterward, when you have done all the above, you are welcomed into one of the family homes in the village for a delicious meal of local specialties.
Mount Meru
8 This mountain, which is yet another dormant volcano, found near Arusha is the second highest mountain in all of Tanzania. An interesting fact about this mountain; it has been suggested by some, that this is where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the floods. Mount Meru is within the Arusha National Park and do not be surprised to see the odd monkey, leopard in the distance or exotic birds fly over your head, as you are trekking around.
Lake Manyara National Park
9 Found in two areas of Tanzania, the Arusha region and Manyara region, this park is breathtaking. The lake covers one-third of the park but during the dry season drys up considerably. When the rain season is in full flow, millions of flamingos are seen there, along with many other species. The real unique and unusual thing that this park has to offer are the lions that can and do climb trees. This is definitely not normal for lions!
Mt Kilimanjaro National Park
10 This park is the most popular park in Tanzania to take a private tour of since 1977. Not far from Arusha, this is not the usual wildlife national park; it is more of a place to gaze in the wonder and awe of the snow-capped mountain of Kilimanjaro. Of course, like everywhere in Tanzania, it does, however, have lots of wildlife to observe in among the lower luscious green rainforest like the elands, monkeys, buffalos and much more.

Travel Tips for Arusha

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