A Private Tour to the Top of Africa Mt Kilimanjaro National Park !

A Private Tour To The Top Of Africa Mt Kilimanjaro National Park. Mt Kilimanjaro National Park is now one of the most visited parks of Tanzania

Although there is wildlife, this is not unlike the other northern parks. Instead, coming here is like standing at the top of Africa, and gazing in amazement at the mountain peak covered with snow. 

Take a guided private tour of Kilimanjaro and climb to the upper part of Africa! 

In the heart of the park is the 5896 m Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and among the most spectacular sights of the continent. It is also among the greatest volcanoes and the highest freestanding mountain in the globe, rising from developed farmlands on the lower degrees, through the lush forest of alpine meadows, as well as ultimately through a barren lunar landscape to the twin peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi!

Wow not to be missed! 

On a Private Tour, Stand in Awe of the Majestic Snow Capped Mountain of Mount Kilimanjaro!

A Private Tour to the Top of Africa Mt Kilimanjaro National Park !

As opposed to other parks in northern Tanzania, this one isn't seen for the wildlife, but for the opportunity for many to take a guided tour to scale to the peak and, to stand in awe of the majestic snow capped mountain. 

Mount Kilimanjaro can be climbed during the dry season, even though the greatest period is from late June to October, at any time. Volcanic motion formed over Kilimanjaro, a World Heritage Sites along the Rift Valley.

Three points - Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi came to be about 750, 000 years past. The maximum point is Uhuru Peak on Kibo, which will be among the seven summits of the world. 

The mountain rises from alpine meadow and farmland on the lower level to the rainforest and then a barren lunar landscape at the summits. 

Why not take a sightseeing tour of the slopes of the rainforest which is home to eland, leopards, monkeys, elephants and buffaloes. The mountainous area is where bird watchers may discover a lot of birds of prey.

Top 10 Things to Do in Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

Lake Chala
1 This unique basin-shaped Lake is said to be the deepest inland body of water in Africa. The water from the springs under Mt Kilimanjaro is what flows into the lake and at different times of the year, it is the colour of deep blue or turquoise/green. An impressive crater rim surrounds the Lake. A private tour around this Lake will put you back in touch with nature when you see all the wonderful animal and birds along the river beds.
Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.
2 This is a centre for rescue, education and wildlife. A private tour here is unforgettable. You get to interact with volunteers at the centre and help out a bit. There is nothing better to see then animals like monkeys being rescued and then being prepared to go back into the wild and freedom. Careful though! the monkeys are not shy and may jump on your shoulders to groom you. There is also a bat cave and animal farm to venture around.
Olpopongi Maasai Village
3 The first authentic Maasai district in the west Kilimanjaro Maasailand. This is a beautiful, humble village and you come away admiring the people for still living the same way after 100’s of years and not letting the influence of modern life take over. The Museum was built in replica of the local house so visitors can have an idea of what life is like without disturbing any of the homes. Each paying visitor helps support local families.
Mount Kibo
4 To reach the peak of Mount Kibo, you have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the best-preserved crater of the three dormant volcanoes up there and also the only one that is always covered in snow. The trek up to the top passes through attractions such as Shira Plateau, Wildlife Forest, Volcano, Lava Tower volcano, glaciers, and snow. The private tour is fantastic with excellent guides and friendships made for life after the trip.
Tengeru Cultural Village
5 This village is a fascinating way to pass a day. From the offset, you are welcomed into the village as if being welcomed home. After walking around the village and seeing the day to day life, you go to the fields where you can gather coffee beans. You are then shown how to process, roast and grind them until finally, you are drinking coffee from the beans you picked. A meal in one of the locals houses is a great ending to a guided tour.
Ndoro Waterfall
6 A walk down the stunning Ndoro Waterfall is an experience not to be missed. There are steps, some steep, with railings made from thick tree branches along the edge of the hill and zigzagged to the bottom of the waterfall. As you get near the waterfall, the gentle spray from the waterfall causes the temperature to drop, in a nice way. It is a trek but so worth the effort. Thankfully there is a lovely rest stop for when you trek back up.
Chagga Live Museum
7 The Chagga people/tribe live at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro and are like, protectors of the mountain. In this small outdoor, live museum you get to see what their life is like, the traditions and cultures they follow. It is interesting to see on this sightseeing tour, the little changes that have been made to better their lives but not take away from their traditions. They are well known and admired for having a strong sense of pride.
Chagga Caves
8 These caves were purposely built during the attacks from the Maasai people. They had been constructed to hide the women and children of the Chagga people from being taken by the Maasai. The caves are so well done, people were able to live for years underground. During the private tour, you are led into a few different size caves with replica furnishing to show you how it was back in the day. There are etchings on walls from children
Kikuletwa Hotsprings
9 This little piece of paradise is hiding in among the roots of Fig trees. Although it is named hot springs, it is not hot but refreshing from the water of the springs under Mt. Kilimanjaro. This oasis has clear blue water and you just dive in. There are tiny fish nibbling your feet and after trekking around for days, it feels fantastic. From the water, you look up to tall trees sheltering you and the sun peeps in with colourful rays
Nakupendu Beach
10 You get to this beach by a private tour boat, and the closest city is Zanzibar. There is not much to do on this beach but relax, sunbathe, swim, snorkel or take a stroll through the edge of the forest, pure bliss! After days trekking or being on safari, here is exactly what you need to recharge the batteries. The beach is like a beach from Paradise and the sea has the most fantastic sea life to see when snorkelling along the beautiful c

Travel Tips for Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

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