The More You Go the More You See on Morogoro Private Sightseeing Tours

This city at the foot of the beautiful Uluguru Mountains has much to offer as a touristic destination despite being more commonly known as a centre for agricultural trade. Discover what the city has to offer and the more you go, the more you see with Morogoro private sightseeing tours.

Safari tours Morogoro will take you to Mikumi National Park where you will be guaranteed to spot the local wildlife such as giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, leopards, and crocodiles.

Go off the beaten track and take a hike in the Uluguru Mountains with Morogoro hiking tours. Here you will be surrounded by ancient forests which botanists say are around 25 million years old and, you will learn firsthand from the Luguru tribe about local life on the mountain.

During your visit, you should take Morogoro walking tours to explore the city. Try the local cuisine and shop for traditional handmade handicrafts.

If you like to eat what you catch, with fishing tours Morogoro, you can fish at Mindu Dam and enjoy your meal along with the locals.

Enjoy Morogoro and leave with memories that will last forever.

Let the activities begin!