Vibrant and Cultural Experience on a Private Guided Tour of Zanzibar

This beautiful island of Zanzibar features an entire eastern coast and miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches.

Vibrant and cultural experience on a private guided tour of Zanzibar.

If you are a lover of lounging on the beach and are enthusiastic for snorkelling, a Zanzibar city sightseeing private tour is your destination for 2017!

There you will find fantastic beaches, vast coral reefs, relaxed atmosphere and seafood dishes that will make your holiday a memorable one.

The island is made up of various cultures such as Africans, Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences that have made what Zanzibar is today.

Zanzibar City is an ancient Island part of Tanzania if you love history and a mix of cultures you have came to the right place!

Such a combination of cultures makes this is an ideal destination for anyone due to the weather, regardless of the summer heat the lovely breeze blowing off the ocean   Read More...

Experience the Exotic Spices and Ancient Stone Town on a Sightseeing Tour of Zanzibar

Vibrant and Cultural Experience on a Private Guided Tour of Zanzibar

Zanzibar conjures up a lot of things in your mind such as the fabulous palm tree beaches, the pristine white sand.

Experience the exotic spices and ancient stone town on a sightseeing tour of Zanzibar.

However, there is so much more to do on guided tours in Zanzibar!

Take a spice tour, taste the exotic local dishes and walk through the winding cobbled streets of the capital’s ancient Stone Town.

This incredible world heritage site is full of the hustle and bustle you would expect, with street vendors and food stalls and a collection of colourful arts and crafts for you to buy.

Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar City

Travel Tips for Zanzibar City

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Stone Town Tour is an excursion to be done for guests interested in Zanzibar and who want to explore the city. It is a 3 hours tour located in Urban West coast of Zanzibar.

Location : Zanzibar City
Duration: 3 hours