Vibrant and Cultural Experience on a Private Guided Tour of Zanzibar

This beautiful island of Zanzibar features an entire eastern coast and miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches.

Vibrant and cultural experience on a private guided tour of Zanzibar.

If you are a lover of lounging on the beach and are enthusiastic for snorkelling, a Zanzibar city sightseeing private tour is your destination for 2017!

There you will find fantastic beaches, vast coral reefs, relaxed atmosphere and seafood dishes that will make your holiday a memorable one.

The island is made up of various cultures such as Africans, Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences that have made what Zanzibar is today.

Zanzibar City is an ancient Island part of Tanzania if you love history and a mix of cultures you have came to the right place!

Such a combination of cultures makes this is an ideal destination for anyone due to the weather, regardless of the summer heat the lovely breeze blowing off the ocean   Read More...

Experience the Exotic Spices and Ancient Stone Town on a Sightseeing Tour of Zanzibar

Vibrant and Cultural Experience on a Private Guided Tour of Zanzibar

Zanzibar conjures up a lot of things in your mind such as the fabulous palm tree beaches, the pristine white sand.

Experience the exotic spices and ancient stone town on a sightseeing tour of Zanzibar.

However, there is so much more to do on guided tours in Zanzibar!

Take a spice tour, taste the exotic local dishes and walk through the winding cobbled streets of the capital’s ancient Stone Town.

This incredible world heritage site is full of the hustle and bustle you would expect, with street vendors and food stalls and a collection of colourful arts and crafts for you to buy.

Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar City

Cheetah's Rock
1 Experience the wonders of Cheetah's Rock while in Zanzibar.The staff are an incredibly passionate team and are also extremely knowledgeable about the animals. Get up close and personal with cheetahs, hyenas, lions, zebras and much more! A real once in a lifetime opportunity with fabulous photographs to be had. You can get to pet a cheetah and feed a lion out of the palm of your hand!! A fabulous day out for animal lovers.
Nakupenda Beach
2 A white sand island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water and disconnected from civilisation. Yes, please! If you fancy getting away for from everything head here bring a picnic and some drinks plus lots of suncream and a hat. If you like snorkelling, you will love this little piece of paradise, even just to swim or sunbathe you will super relaxed.A private tour boat trip can take you here.
Palace Museum
3 Obviously, the palace doesn't look like it did in its prime but it's still looking pretty fabulous inside. In the day when the sultans actually lived there, it must really have been extremely impressive. There's a lot of beautiful wood on the staircases, and most of the carvings on the furniture are amazing. The tour guide are very useful and informative and explain the history and lifestyle of the Zanzibar Sultans!
The beautiful Eyes
4 If you fancy something different and unusual, how about a photography guided tour where you can learn to take photographs of the stunning architecture and the people of Zanzibar. This unique opportunity is ideal for any budding photographers who want to learn and see the world around them through a camera lens. The sightseeing guided tour takes you through stone town and life around Zanzibar. A lovely day to learn about photography.
The Old Fort
5 This ancient fortress with an interesting history was completed in 1702, at one point was a prison. Now on your guided tour, you will find out about the history surrounding  Fort and how they defeated the Portuguese. There is an amphitheatre and lots of local street vendors selling their wares. A small museum is also situated within the old walls. Spend a few hours while in Stone Town by walking around this old fort.
Prison Island
6 Take a guided boat tour to the island for around 20 USD, the island is more known for its massive and very old tortoises, some as old as 180 years! The island itself has a small beach with the clearest water you will ever see and is ideal for snorkelling. The island has a small restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Overall it is the tortoise's everyone goes to see here.  
Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park
7 The national park is home to the protected species of the Zanzibar Columbus Monkeys, who are very much at home here and very very relaxed! They love to pose for photographs and will come very close to you and put on display by swinging through the trees, The tour guides are excellent and explain everything about the park during the 7km walk. A special trip when you are in Zanzibar.
Forodhani Park
8 Nothing better than seeing somewhere that changes so much between day and night! During the day this park is relatively quiet, it's situated by the ocean. However, come evening time the place is alive with street vendors selling all kinds of tasty food, people from various cultures all congregate upon the park to eat, practice martial arts and to sit and relax while the kids play in the ocean! Great experience of sounds and smells.
Zanzibar Butterfly Centre
9 You will learn about the butterfly life cycle at the start of the tour and then shown some caterpillars. You will then go on to see the cocoons and the butterflies themselves and could spend as long as we wished in the enclosure. An excellent way to relax and think while butterflies fly around you and land on you as well. It is very close to Jozani so pop in and help the preservation of these beautiful creatures.
Tangawizi Spice Farm
10 Zanzibar is more famous for its exotic spices. Go on a guided tour and learn so much about the various spices. You can even see the coconut climbers, and they are amazing to watch! They also have the flowers for which Chanel no. Five is produced from. The guides can make you anything with a banana leaf! Handbag, crown and a frog are one of the many talents they have!  

Travel Tips for Zanzibar City

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