Sun, Fun and Adventure with Zanzibar Central \ South Sightseeing Tours

This semi-autonomous region of Tanzania has some of the best beaches in the world and great safaris. Enjoy the sun, fun and adventures with Zanzibar Central\South sightseeing tours.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the major beaches by taking private Zanzibar central\south tours to Jambiani beach where you can relax in the sun and where the locals outnumber the tourists.

Jozani forest is in the only national park in Zanzibar and is a source of natural remedies where every tree or plant cures something. Not only will you explore the mangroves and swamps, with safari tours Zanzibar central\south you will get to see the many species of monkeys, birds and butterfly’s that inhabit the area.

Enjoy tropical fruits and plants in Kizimbani village with spice tours Zanzibar central\south. Here you will see, taste, touch and smell the many varieties of spices that give the island its second name of spice island.

Take Zanzibar central\south walking tours around the islands main city and delight in the many sights along the way as you visit Stone Town, historic sights and the many bazaars.

Let the activities begin!
Experience Jozani Forest on a 3 Hr Safari Tour in Zanzibar
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Experience the main forest in Zanzibar for 3 hours on safari. A wetland forest for Red Colobus monkeys, Mangrove swamps, huge tropical trees, reptiles & Birds.

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3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Zanzibar Central/South
Zanzibar's Unbelievable Uroa Blue Full-day Adventure
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Uroa Blue Adventure is a full day boat excursion with the traditional sailing boat used in Zanzibar for discoveries, snorkeling, entertainment and relaxation.

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10 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Zanzibar Central/South
Dolphin Half Day Tour from Zanzibar
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This tour will take you to the earliest capital of the Island, KIZIMKAZI, then take the boat ride where you will be able to see dolphins and swim with them.

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4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Zanzibar Central/South
Safari Blue Boating Tour Zanzibar
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The Ocean Safari is a wonderful experience of boating in Zanzibar aboard a local dhow. Departing from the beautiful beach of Fumba on the southwest coast of Zanzibar.

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8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Zanzibar Central/South
Bush to Beach 12 Days Safari Adventure
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A combination of Zanzibar Beach Holiday and game-driving safaris through national parks, cultural destinations and unspoiled wilderness

From USD
12 days Scheduling Shared Tour Arusha