Paint the Town Red in Red Square on a Private Tour of Russia

Paint the town red in Red Square on a private tour of Russia, a fascinating country to visit. The largest nation in the world that borders Asian and European countries as well as the Pacific and Artic oceans.

It is a country of contrasts, from beautiful subtropical beaches to bitterly cold winter regions in the northern side.
The East may have fewer people, but it has lovely cities that are among the most popular places to visit. Russia is steeped in history everywhere a traveller goes, from vicious battles to great classical music and literature.

With so many places to sightsee in Russia, the only easy way to get to explore the country properly is to go with a private tour or sightseeing tour with excellent, knowledgeable tour guides. Almost everywhere in Russia, visitors can see examples of fantastic art, not only in museums but also in its churches.

Russia is also home to the world's longest railway, the Trans-Siberian railway, which spans across nearly all of the country.   Read More...

Paint the Town Red in Red Square on a Private Tour of Russia


Russia is known to be a home to about 160 different ethnic groups. Its large population has influenced almost everything about Russia, from the literature to music, arts, dance and the Russian food, traditions and architecture.

The western side of the country attracts the most visitor, thanks to two majestic cities; Moscow and St Petersburg. Moscow is known as the heart of the “New Russia,” where Europe and Asia combine.

St Petersburg is known for its cathedrals, waterways and palaces.

On private guided tours visit The Golden Ring, which is a collection of ancient towns on the northeastern side of Moscow, that is easily accessible from the capital by cruising along the great River Volga or travel to the southern region towards the Caspian Sea.

For visitors heading to Siberia, they will see a land of natural beauty. From the majestic Lake Baikal to the ageless imperial city of Irkutsk, the shamans of Tuva, the mountains of the Altai. Siberia has many secrets that visitors can explore.

Top 10 Things to Do in Russia

St. Petersburg
1 St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, mainly because of its stunning architecture. On sightseeing tours visit the outstanding architecture, palaces and cathedrals that are known throughout the world. In addition to the historical centre of Saint Petersburg, UNESCO also protects palaces and parks in its suburbs, with the palace in 'Peterhof' arguably the most magnificent of them all.
2 Moscow - the old town founded in 1147 is now the capital of Russia. The city is famous for its artistic endeavours, which includes symphonies, ballet, and art. The pace of life is wild and the beauty of some of the attractions makes any guided tour a delight. Visit the Red Square and the Kremlin which is the oldest part of the city, also, the incredible cathedrals. Moscow takes pride of place in the top two Russian cities.  
3 Vladivostok is a stunningly beautiful city located in Russia’s east. It is surrounded by bays and mountains. Vladivostok is Russia’s largest port on the Pacific Ocean due to its proximity to China and North Korea. There are many cultural attractions such as museums, concerts and theatres that you can see on a private tour. The city’s major square is Admirals Skver, which has a museum devoted to a submarine close by.  
The Golden Ring
4 The Golden Ring strings together other cities outside of Moscow. On a sightseeing tour, you see quaint cottages, cherry orchards, onion-shaped domes and stunning churches that have the country’s oldest artworks. Golden ring is one of the oldest regions in Russia and a place to experience a bygone era. Suzdal, Kostroma, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Whitestone churches, fortresses and monasteries are some places to have a great experience.
5 Kaliningrad is a truly extraordinary city, which absorbs the Russian soul. During the war, it lost many memorable places and buildings, but the beauty of Kaliningrad was not diminished, and it was largely reconstructed. There are traces of its German heritage in the surviving Brandenburg Gate and the riverside fishing village with re-created medieval style buildings. It is an interesting place to take a guided tour.    
6 Kazan is growing rapidly as one of the most technologically advanced cities but still maintains its cultural component. There are many attractions, preserved in their original form since the founding of Kazan. See the beautiful streets and magnificent temples or on Millennium Square is the Kremlin, which is worth to see by any visitor who bypasses the city of Russia. Also, there are many theatres and museums to see on a private tour.  
7 This city is the capital of the Urals and is designed for relaxation and hiking trips with the family. Today’s Yekaterinburg has beautiful cultural scenes and home to many theatres, libraries, dance companies and popular with Russian rock bands. The fourth biggest city has over 30 museums that includes the oldest wood sculpture on earth in the Shigir Collection. There are other museums that house over 300 Nevyansk icons.
Nizhny Novgorod
8 This city is located on the banks of two rivers - the Volga and the Oka. It has kept a lot of the old buildings, which constitute its cultural heritage and the government is trying hard to keep them in their original form for tourist to see the old traditions. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin - a symbol of the city that you want to see because of its grandeur and beauty. In general, there are a lot of attractions, beautiful parks, and buildings
9 A popular stop-off for individuals tackling the Trans-Siberian Railway, it is advisable for visitors to spend a day or two in Irkutsk. This place is a home of exploration, particularly for visitors interested in knowing more about the Siberian culture. Visitors can also try and catch a band match, such as al fresco ice hockey. A visit to Irkutsk is a great for a few days and nights when on a private tour.
State Hermitage Museum
10 The state Hermitage Museum is a famous museum known all over the world. It’s a home to more than three million stunning artworks and artefacts, located in St. Petersburg; this museum is one the most celebrated museums on earth. It features amazing collections from several European artworks, which are collected by the Great- Empress Catherine in 1764. Presently the museum features several hundreds of priceless artworks.
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