Active Volcano, Ancient Ruins and Sandy Beaches, Sicily on Private Tour

Visit Sicily on a private tour and see an active volcano, ancient ruins or relax on luxury sandy beaches and pebbly coves.

Located just off the ‘toe’ of the boot that is Italy, Sicily is the largest of the Mediterranean islands and there are plenty of reasons why you should make a point to visit here.

The diverse landscape offers numerous sightseeing tours and different holidays. Go on sightseeing tours to the mountainous regions, valleys, sandy beaches, secluded bays and pebbly coves, there is a tour for everyone.

It is in Sicily that you will find Europes highest and most active volcano, Mount Etna, one of life’s natural wonders. It is possible to explore many areas of the volcano which includes hot springs, fumaroles and volcanic vents.

Apart from the active volcano, Sicily is also well known for the ancient world treasures that are bursting at its seams, captivating views and scenery, its ancient cuisine traditions that are still followed today, charming, picturesque towns, intriguing markets and welcoming friendly people.   Read More...

Fascinating and Intriguing Sightseeing Tours of the Valley of Temples in Agrigento

Active Volcano, Ancient Ruins and Sandy Beaches, Sicily on Private Tour

Sightseeing tours and private guided tours are highly recommended of the ancient ruins such as The Valley of Temples in Agrigento when you are visiting Sicily. There are tombs and temples dating back to 500 BC. Tempo di Concordia is one of the best preserved Doric Temples to survive anywhere and is the most perfect. The other temples in this valley are not in as good condition, but you still see incredible buildings and learn fascination history.

In the town of Palermo, you will find the Palermo Archaeological Museum which is regarded to be one of the most superior Museums in all of Italy. It is only in this museum you will see a huge statue of Zeus from the second century BC or, from the third and fourth millennia BC, hieroglyphics listing Egyptian Pharaohs.

Top 10 Things to Do in Sicily

The Valley of Temples in Agrigento
1 A very popular attraction in Sicily to see on a guided tour is The Valley of Temples which is in Agrigento. This archaeological site has magnificent examples of art and architecture of Greater Greece. Many of the Temples such as Tempio di Heracles and Temple of the Olympian Zeus show the effects of an earthquake, but Tempio di Concordia is still in fantastic condition given its age. This complex of Temples dates back to 500 BC.
The Cathedral of Monreale
2 The highlight of a guided tour of Montreal is The Cathedral of Monreale. This UNESCO world heritage site is a mix of architectural styles, religious symbolism and artistic traditions from the 12th century. The Arabic and Byzantine influences are seen in the Lancet arches, marble floor with inlay mosaic and displays of art. The symmetry of the Cathedral is perfect and there is a relaxing garden to take a stroll through.
Mount Etna
3 Take a sightseeing tour to Mount Etna ion the east coast of Sicily. This is the largest volcano in Europe that is active and holds the record for continuous eruption. It is the only volcano in the world that erupts the most frequent. Take a walking tour or 4x4 to explore the hot springs, volcanic vents or fumaroles.  Enjoy a lovely Cable car ride which takes you to the 2,500-meter point. The views from Mount Etna are superlative.
4 The island of Ortygia is a great place to take a guided tour. It is connected to the city of Syracuse, Sicily by three bridges and is home to even more great archaeological treasures. It is a minute island that measures around 600 meters wide and 1km long and there are exceptional views to be seen. Everywhere is accessible on foot and you can even walk the whole entire island easily to see all the major sights.
The Palatine Chapel in Palermo
5 When you are in Palermo, take a guided tour of Cappella Palatina, the royal chapel of Sicily's Norman kings of Kingdom, found on the 1st floor the Norman Palace.Due to the craftsmanship of three different religious traditions, this chapel is an excellent symbol of multicultural cooperation.  What could be the most impressive aspects of this chapel, is the wooden ceiling that has star-shaped panels carved and painted by Maghreb. 
Villa Romana del Casale
6 Guided tours to Villa Romana del Casale are amazing. The villa is the most luxurious of its kind and is thought to have been the retreat to Rome’s co-emperor Marcus Aurelius Maximianus during the reign of Diocletian around AD286. It was buried in a  12th-century landslide and discovered almost intact when excavated 8 centuries later. So far 50 rooms have been excavated and there is more than 3,500 sqm of detailed mosaic floors.
Alcantara Gorge
7 Go on a sightseeing tour to an overlooked attraction in Sicily, Alcantara Gorge. On the north slopes of Mount Etna is where you will find this gorge. There are excellent hiking trails which you can take and it is the best way to see the unique ballast rock columns that were formed from the water of the Alcantara river cooling the hot flowing lava over thousands of years. From the beach see great views of the gorge and waterfalls.
San Cataldo, Palermo
8 Take a guided tour to Chiesa di San Cataldo when in Palermo. It is a small 12th century Norman church with its most striking feature being the three red domes in a row on the roof that are of Saracen Style. The interior is of austere stone with three little stone cupolas above the nave. The floor is of beautiful mosaic tile work. There is a lot of character to this church and it is well worth a visit.
Aeolian Islands
9 Go on a boat tour to investigate the Aeolian Islands which are just off Sicily’s north coast. There are seven islands and all of them are of volcanic origins. Some of these volcanos are still active.The most popular of the islands is Stromboli and each night it's this island pyrotechnics that lights up the sky. Explore the prehistoric sites from Greek and Roman eras or spend your time taking part in the many water activities.
10 Selinunte is a most significant and large ancient site in Sicily. Take a guided tour around the eight Greek temples that are located here since the fifth century BC and the Temple of Demeter which is close by. The eastern group pf temples that are labeled by letter are the most important. Temple E had architectural grandeur and Temple G which was vast in size are regarded as the highpoint of the Classical period.

Travel Tips for Sicily

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