A Private Torino Tour See The City Of Fiat Slow Food And Modern Art

Torino (Turin) is after Milan the largest city of northern Italy. The formerly industrial dull town has undergone a metamorphosis. Baroque palaces and churches have been dusted off, and the doors of the beautiful museums are invitingly open. Moreover, Torino is in a beautiful, dramatic setting: surrounded by the Alps.

The Egyptian museum is a must-see during a Torino guided tour as well as the Galleria Saubada, the Museum of Modern Art, the Filmmuseum, the Duomo di San Giovanni and so much more.

The Savoies have been ruling Torino for centuries, as can be seen in all the baroque palaces that they have built in the city. A private sightseeing tour will take you to the Galleria Sabauda where you will admire their impressive collection of old masters, including works by Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Brueghel.

Let the activities begin!