Private Tours of Pisa and You Will Leave Happy and "Leaning"

Due to Pisa’s famous leaning tower when you go on a private tour of Pisa you will leave happy but maybe slightly leaning!

Located in Tuscany, Pisa is one of the most important cities of the region. Everyone knows about the famous landmark “the Leaning Tower, ” but this city has so many other fun and exceptional things to do and places to see, in this both ancient and modern city.

Pisa is a beautiful, absorbing city to visit on a sightseeing tour. There is magnificent architecture in many buildings, educational museums, pristine streets and very lovely landscaped parks.

Obviously, with Pisa being a city in Italy, the cuisine is mouthwatering and appetizing. There are lots of places to enjoy a truly authentic Italian meal in the evening and even more small cafes or snack bars with excellent cuisine being served all day long.

The bars and entertainment venues found in the city of Pisa vary from quiet, romantic, fun to wild and crazy. Everyones wants and needs are catered for in Pisa

Let the activities begin!
San Gimignano in Tuscany Day Tour by Luxury Minivan & English Guide/Driver
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San Gimignano and special Tuscany countryside. It is a fantastic and exited tour in Tuscany. It will be possible to visit one of the most beautiful medieval village.

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1 days Scheduling Private Tour Tuscany
Square of Miracles Walking tour
Square of Miracles Walking tour
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Discover the Miracle Square with this amazing tour that will show you the best of Pisa. With this tour you wll have the oportunity to skip the line and climb the Leaning Tower

60 to 90 minutes Scheduling Shared Tour Tuscany
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
1 Everyone knows of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and it is a ‘must see’ destination on a sightseeing tour of the exciting city of Pisa. The building started to lean from the early stages of construction. Due to the soft ground, by the time the builders were on to the third story in 1178, the foundations of the tower became destabilised. The tower is now over 5 meters off perpendicular and although many have tried, it cannot be straightened.
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
2 Another extraordinary feat in architecture is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. It is a Romanesque basilica made of white marble that has five aisles. The oval dome dominates the interior and there is a mosaic of Christ from the 13-14th century in the apse. There is so much to admire both inside and outside of the Cathedral that includes the bronze doors all of which is best seen on guided tours.
Sacred Field / Campo Santo
3 Construction of this sacred field started in 1278 when, according to legend, shiploads of earth from Golgotha was brought to Pisa by Archbishop Ubaldo Dei Lanfranchi after the fourth crusade so that the people could be buried in sacred soil. The walls of the cloister surrounding the courtyard were damaged or destroyed in 1944, but amazingly it was not all a tragic loss due to the unearthing of original artist sketches in red pigment.
4 Just west of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the free standing magnificent building that is the Baptistery. Nearly 100 years after the Cathedral this was built using the same building material to carry on the design. There is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture as times changed during the two hundred years of construction. On a guided tour see the exceptional interior of the building with a great many wonderful features.
Santa Maria della Spina
5 If you were looking to find the best fairy-tale church in the world that happens to be the prettiest, then look no further than Pisa. On a sightseeing tourist of this Gothic style church, you learn the history of its making. The exterior is more ornate than the inside, but there is still a fantastic Madonna and Child that was sculpted by Andrea and Nino Pisano around the middle the 14th century.  
Botanical Garden of Pisa
6 The Botanical Gardens of Pisa was the first university botanical garden in Europe and a wonderful place to take a sightseeing tour. It was started in 1544 and is an important part of the legacy of Cosimo I de’Medici. For centuries the guardians of the gardens have been collecting such things as rare and endangered specimens, scientific journal, illustrations, paintings and art. The flowers are stunning, especially in bloom.  
Church of San Sisto
7 One of the oldest churches to see in Pisa on a guided tour is the Church of San Sisto. It was during the Middle Ages that it was built and is done in Romanesque style. There have been a great many renovations done over the centuries, but it still looks the same as when it was first built. There are replicas of certain features such as ceramic basins in the church and the originals from the 10th century are in museums.
National Museum of Saint Matthew
8 When you go on the incredible guided tour of the National Museum of Saint Matthew, see collections and exhibits from many of the historic buildings in Pisa and surrounding areas. An example of what to see here are fine monographic collections of archaeological preserves, paintings and sculptures dating from the twelfth to fifteenth century that were created by Pisano and Donatello. It is a fascinating tour.    
The Church of San Paolo
9 Founded originally in 805 is the Church of San Paolo which is situated in the southwest of the old town near Arno’s south bank. It was given an extension and altered in the 11th and 12th centuries. This is another building in Pisa that was done in Romanesque style. In this church is the tomb of Burgundio, a 12th-century scholar. Also, see the round-arched doorways and dwarf galleries.
Palazzo Blu
10 With a striking dusty blue frontage is the Palazzo Blu which faces the river. A guided tour of this Palazzo Blu will show you its exuberant 19th-century decoration inside. The foundation that looks after the palace looks after art collections by Pisan artists from the 14th century to the 20th century. Also at different stages throughout the year are various temporary exhibitions.

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