Sights and Adventures in Italy's Heel When on a Private Tour of Puglia

Located in the heel of Europes ‘boot’ Italy you will enjoy many sights and adventures on a private tour of Puglia.

The reasons to visit this city are many that include the crystal clear seas, golden beaches, fascinating medieval towns, quaint fishing villages, archaeological sites and museums.

Food and wine are very important to the people of Puglia just like it is to the majority of Italians. “Primitivo” is a very well known red wine from this region.

Puglia attracts many different types of tourists such as those who come to relax in the resorts and have quiet days and nights. Then there are those who love adventure and will try every adventure tour available before enjoying the lively nighttime entertainment.

Let the activities begin!
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Wine tasting in a local cellar with guided visit to its vineyards, the winery and to the barrel room. We will discover all the processes to make a good wine!

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90 minutes Puglia
EVO Oil Tasting In a Masseria (Farmhouse)
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EVO Oil tasting in a typical Apulian Farmhouse with guided tour to its ancient olive trees. We will discover all the processes to make a good extra virgin olive oil!

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60 minutes Puglia
Taste Mozzarella
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Evo oil tasting in a typical apulian Masseria with guided tour to its ancient olive trees. An expert dairy man will show you all the processes to obtain the mozzarella.

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3 hours Puglia
Orecchiette of Puglia
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Cooking class of Orecchiette, the typical homemade apulian pasta. Discover with us all the secrets to a very traditional pasta making.

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3 hours Puglia
Cliff tour - Boat tour to the Polignano a Mare caves
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Boat tour to the amazing Polignano a Mare caves, a perfect way to while away a few hours, swimming and relaxing in one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean.

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90 minutes Puglia
Panzerotti Style
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Cooking class of panzerotti with a professional chef. You will discover all the secrets to make the traditional apulian panzerotti.

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3 hours Puglia
SUP! Stand up Paddle
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Stand-up Paddle (SUP) is a fantastic way to explore the amazing beaches and caves of Polignano a Mare. Thanks to a professional instructor you will learn how to paddle.

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90 minutes Puglia
Pascia Boat tour in Otranto
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Pascia Boat tour in Otranto
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Pascià Boat tour to the Otranto Coast and its hidden beaches. We will discover the beauty of Otranto by the sea with a professional skipper.

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4 hours Puglia
Catamaran sail tour to the caves of Polignano a Mare
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Catamaran sail tour to the Polignano a Mare caves. Discover this amazing city by the sea, it's from here that you will catch the essence of this incredible location.

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3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Puglia
Fantasia Rome & Puglia 9 Days / 8 Nights
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Let yourself be inspired by Puglia, an amazing region with vibrant life and traditions that will forever remain in your heart. Breathtaking views, blue sea, the flavours of its cuisine, wild and breathtaking nature. The cuisine is an essential part of t

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9 Days 8 Nights Puglia
Adriatic Coast Small Group Tour
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Enjoy this half-day tour to discover one of the best Italian coasts. Get on board a comfortable Van 9 seat, conducted by a professional driver, able to convey the passion for the territory.

5 hours Puglia
Salento Ionian Coast and Beach Tour from Lecce
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On board a comfortable 9-seater van we will take you to discover the creeks, the natural pools, the transparent waters of the Ionian coasts, all places protected from the wind to feel like a picture in postcard!

around 9h Puglia
Discover the beautiful villages of Valle D'Itriia
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Let's enjoy this full-day tour of Trulli and white towns, on a 9 seats comfortable van, with a conditioning air system and a professional driver who shares his love for the Apulian territory.

around 9h Puglia
Castel del Monte
1 Take a sightseeing tour to the 13th century medieval Castel del Monte and see its unique architecture. It dominates on a rocky hill in the town of Andria and its uniqueness is how it was built in an octagonal shape. Emperor Frederick II wanted to combine influences from Europe and Muslim countries into the building and this was succeeded with astronomical and mathematical precision.
The Grotte di Castellana
2 Take a guided tour to an attraction of immeasurable value to Italy’s natural heritage, The Grotte di Castellana. This grotto started to form around 90 million years ago and is located near the villages of Polignano, Cisternino and Alberobello. The tour is walking through the caves for 3 km gradually going down 60 meters. See the amazing stalagmites, stalactites, fossils, cannons and incredible shapes.
Parco Nazionale del Gargano
3 See one of the largest parks in Italy when you go on a sightseeing tour to Puglia’s Gargano National Park. This park is popular with both foreign tourists and Italians. It has a diverse terrain and fabulous natural beauty which allows for excellent outdoor activities. Enjoy trekking and hiking tours or go on boat tours along the coastline or on the two lakes. There are small islands that are part of this park too.  
Basilica di Santa Croce
4 The most admired attraction in Lecce is Basilica di Santa Croce and it is very important to everyone there. During the 16th and 17th century artists under the instruction of Giuseppe Zimbalo created the ornate stonework that is seen on this Basilica. The facade is so impressive that you can spends hours just looking at all the details when you are on a guided tour here. There are cherubs, sheep, dodos and even Zimbalo’s profile!  
Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo
5 The Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo is made up of a number of historical buildings that are built around a natural cave. It was in this cave that the apparition of San Michele Arcangelo occurred four times, the first of which was in 490AD to a shepherd. The Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo is now a place of pilgrimage and has been visited by popes, sovereigns and pilgrims over the centuries.  
Castello Normanno-Svevo
6 This Castle and Fortress is located in the city of Bari and it is a wonderful place to take a guided tour. Originally the castle was built by Norman King Roger II in or around 1132 but was destroyed twenty-two years later. Just over hundred years after it was first built, it was rebuilt again and then during the 16th century, a fortress and moats were added when it became a private residence.
Basilica di San Nicola
7 When you are in Bari, Puglia, take a sightseeing tour to the Basilica di San Nicola. The architecture of this Basilica is of simple Romanesque style with a Turkish influence in the mosaic floor inside. Both Catholics and Orthodox Christians use this Basilica as a point of pilgrimage due to it containing relics of St. Nicolas. These were stolen from where St. Nicolas was originally buried in Turkey.
Zoo safari Fasanolandia
8 There are many things to do when you take a sightseeing tour to Zoo Safari Fasanolandia which is a zoo and safari park. Enjoy a safari tour either walking or driving and see lions, zebras, tigers, elephants, monkeys, hippos and a lot more. The Zoo has special areas for all types of birds, reptiles and butterflies. There is also an amusement park with rides and cinema and finally, see the dolphins in the dolphinarium.
Alta Murgia National Park Murgia
9 Go on a sightseeing tour to the last example of Mediterranean steppe in Italy when you visit Alta Murgia National Park. The limestone and tufa rock with clay deposits make up the Plateau where you find lots of mushrooms, wild asparagus and tassel hyacinths. See the ancient Masseria which are built as well as fortified castles from the 15th century. Combine this tour with the one for Castel del Monte as it is the famous landmark of the park.
10 When in Puglia, a sightseeing tour to the town of Gallipoli is a must. There are two parts to this town, the old town and new town. In the Old Town, which is on a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge that is dating back to the 17th century, it has a mix of buildings dating back through the eras and cultures. The Angioino Castle is a highlight of any visit of Gallipoli. In the New, Town see the Glass Palace, a skyscraper.

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