Laudable Beauty and Activities Galore on Great Private Lake Garda Tours

Located in the north-east, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake that stems three regions Trentino, Brescia and Verona. The abundance of beauty, activities and adventures is evident to see on great private Lake Garda tours.

The lake is 51 kilometres in length and 17 kilometres in width at its widest point which is in the south. If you were to drive around the Lake, it is 158 kilometres.The diversity of landscape is impressive with mountains, steep alpine foothills, sheer cliffs, forests and beaches. There is a Lake Garda adventure tour to suit everyone when they come to visit.

The charming and characteristic lakeside towns have attracted foreign visitors for years and years, even going back to ancient Roman times. Almost all the towns offer a tourist something exceptional to do or see, either on sightseeing tours Lake Garda or in the form of a unique activity.

Due to the vastness of Lake Garda, it is advisable to do your research on the best area that will suit your wants and needs.

Let the activities begin!
1 The picturesque town of Sirmione is fabulous to see on sightseeing tours Lake Garda. The entrance to the town alone is worthy of a visit as you cross a moat via a drawbridge. You are entering the forecourt of the Castello Scaligeri which was built during the 12th century. Enjoy a Castle guided tour and from the top of the tower see panoramic views of the town and lake. There is a luxury spa where the Roman sulphur springs once were.  
Riva del Garda
2 To the north of Lake Garda is the picturesque Riva del Garda. Idyllically sitting between the water and the mountains, this town has a medieval feel as your stroll through the streets and inviting waterside parks and promenades. Visit the Rocca del Riva castle and its Museo Civico with fascinating artefacts or take a Lake Garda custom tour to Torbole which is nearby and known for being a top windsurfing destination.  
Gardone Riviera
3 Located on Lake Garda's western shore, you will find the beautiful town of Gardone Riviera which is just one of several in the Riviera Bresciano. This town is yet another that has the stunning backdrop of mountains and sits on the water's edge. This town is known for its thriving vegetation due to the climate and the Hruska Botanic Garden is a must on sightseeing tours Lake Garda. You are mesmerised as you walk the winding paths.
4 On the south-east shore of Lake Garda is a cluster of lovely towns and Bardolino is just one of them. Here you can learn at Museo dell’Olio d’Oliva how olives are pressed into oil. Alternatively, base yourself in Bardolino and on private Lake Garda tours venture to the neighbouring towns on short visits. See Lazise a walled medieval town, or explore Torri del Benaco which has its own Castello Scaligero to name a few options.  
5 Arco is an old town which is located north of Riva. As you approach this town on a Lake Garda custom tour, you will feel like you are visiting a movie set, it has such fantastical sights from rugged mountains to small lakes. Visit the fabulous waterfall, Cascata del Varone, that carved a vertical gorge due to its drop from a glacial lake. Arco is on the Sarca River banks and you should climb to the Castello de Arco on the cliff top.
Peschiera del Garda
6 Discover the wonderful town of Peschiera del Garda on sightseeing tours Lake Garda. It is located at the southern end of the lake and offers much historic and culture for those wanting to see and learn. Explore its vineyards on Lake Garda Custom tours or see the countryside on cycling tours. The highlight of the town is the old town centre located in the centre of a large 5 pointed star shaped fortress with water surrounding it.  
Desenzano del Garda
7 To the west of Sirmione is the stunning little town of Desenzano del Garda. It is a town which is situated in the middle of a marina basin and piers. There are hydrofoils and lake steamers coming and going from the piers. For tourists who love history, take a Lake Garda custom tour to a Roman Villa, Villa Romana, which was excavated near the town centre and has impressive ancient mosaics. Relax in cafes and bars in the waterfront.
Paragliding and Parasailing at Lake Garda
8 For some Lake Garda adventure tours why not do any of the many paragliding and parasailing tours available. These tours are available in most of the towns surrounding the Lake and are great fun. Enjoy this experience by yourself or with another person and see the spectacular views from a height. All of these type tours are with certified and experienced operators with your safety paramount to them.
Adventure in the Canyons of Lake Garda
9 Another Lake Garda adventure tour and a great way to explore is by doing some canyon adventures. Whether you are hiking through the canyons, abseiling down the ridges, swimming in the hidden pools, exploring caves or kayaking through the narrow canyons, there is some fantastic thrills, spills and fun to be had. The guides with you on these tours are experienced and qualified.
Lake Garda Boat Tours
10 All the sights are easily visited on Lake Garda Boat tours and needless to say, there is an abundance of tours to do. All the most picturesque towns and villages can be reached by boat or, alternatively, take a two-day (or however many days) boat tour and travel the length and breadth of the Lake at your leisure. See the fabulous landscape, beautiful shoreline, charming villages and standout attractions.

Travel Tips for Lake Garda