Experience High Altitude Thrills on Trentino Alto Adige Adventure Tours

If you are looking for a destination to experience high altitude thrills as well as beautiful landscapes, then look no further than Trentino Alto Adige Adventure Tours. Ideally located in the very north of Italy, this region borders Switzerland and Austria.

It is in this region you enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking tours Trentino Alto Adige provides in the most striking mountains of Europe, the Dolomites in the Fassa Valley, Brenta, the Gardena and Femme Valleys and Pale di San Martino.

Also, Lake Garda narrows as it reaches this region and you will experience some of the best sightseeing tours Trentino Alto Adige has to offer. The fiord nestled between the high mountains is a beautiful vision.

Cultural Trentino Alto Adige Tours will bring you to historical places, charming castles, towns and sanctuaries. On these tours, you will notice the merging of the Latin and Nordic worlds.

For excellent relaxation, treat yourself to Trentino Alto Adige Private Spa tours which are located all over the region in many Spa Towns. Enjoy the wonderful therapies and treatments surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Let the activities begin!