Explore an Ancient City and Be Left in Awe on a Private Tour of Pompeii

When you explore this Ancient City, you will be left in awe on a Private Tour of Pompeii because this city is world famous for its uniqueness.

On the foot of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, lies the ruined city of Pompeii that was encased with around six meters of ash and pumice stone after the volcano erupted in AD 79.

Excavations started on the abandoned city in the 18th century and to date, almost three-fifths of the city have been uncovered. When you think that the city had three kilometres of city walls, that is a lot to be uncovered, especially as it is hard, long and tedious work.

In the early stages of excavation, any artefact that was discovered went directly to the museum in Naples, but since 1911, the archaeologists leave all artefacts in the place they are found.

Let the activities begin!
House of The Vettii
1 Located in the Vitolo di Mercurio you will find The House of the Vettii which is one of the highlights to see on guided tour in Pompeii. It was the home of two middle-class brothers which showed that not just the aristocrats lived in the elegant homes. See the frescoes which are some of the best and the peristyle that still has its original marble decoration. Amazingly the kitchen still has some of its utensils.  
2 Take a guided tour of the Antiquarium. It is worth your while to see this place first before going to explore the city. There are many artefacts that were excavated, but due to being fragile or too prone to weathering they are displayed in this museum. There are even plaster casts of moulds where bodies lay. You will be amazed at the wonderful and surprising things to be seen here.
3 When you see the Forum on guided tour, you are entering the main square of a Roman town. This Forum is enclosed by colonnades and bounded on the north by the Temple Of Jupiter which rises from a three- meter base. The hall for selling food, the Macellum, is to the right. The shrines and temples are amazing especially The Shrine of the Lares and the Temple of Vespasian which was a hall for selling wool.
Terme Stabiane
4 The Terme Stabiane are the Stabian Baths and another great sight to see on guided tour. These are the best preserved and largest baths in the city of Pompeii. The grand collonaded palaestra are impressive even in this day and age. There were different baths for women and men and the stoves for heating the water was the divider between the two. In each place had a cold bath and changing room. Gladiators trained in the complex too.
House of Menander
5 Once belonging to a wealthy merchant, The House of Menander, is a very large well-preserved building. The are pillars that flank the entrance with Corinthian capitals. The inside is beautifully decorated with scenes from Iliad and there are chambers with other famous inscriptions. This house would be admired even if decorated in modern times and it is amazing that it was done so many years before.
6 The Large Theatre (Teatro Grande) held a capacity of 5,000 people and was used for shows and games for the locals of Pompeii, and any visiting dignitaries and supports for games held.  Inscriptions were found in the columns indicating the success of the gladiators in the many games.  The adjoining smaller theatre was used mainly for musical and theatrical performances only.        
Western Houses
7 Near Porta Ercolano, you will find a number of houses that are well worth seeing on a guided tour. These houses are opposite the House of Vettii and although these are fascinating to see, sadly all the treasures that were found here are in the museum in Naples. Some of the titles of these houses are House of the Faun, House of Marcus Lucretius, House of the Silver Wedding, the House of the Gilded Cupids and House of the Tragic Poet.
Street of Tombs
8 The main street outside the walls of Pompeii have now been excavated and this is where you will find the Street of Tombs.  It is a street that is lined with funeral monuments that are very imposing. Towards the north end is Villa of Diomedes which is large and has an extensive garden, however, this house became a tomb itself after the volcanic eruption. The bodies of 18 women and children were found during excavation.
Nova Scavi
9 On a private tour of Via dell'Abbondanza near the new excavations you will see the deserted areas where furniture, wall paintings and statues were left behind.  Many of the upper levels are preserved using girders so on your sightseeing tour you can see how the locals lived all those years ago. Most of the residents here were tradesmen and shop owners, their equipment and tools have been preserved just like time stood still.     
Villa of Mysteries
10 Pass the Villa of Diomedes and still on the outskirts of the city walls, you will find Villa of the Mysteries. It was built at some stage in the 2nd century BC and within it are ancient wall paintings that are said to be some of the best surviving. The colours seem to have preserved remarkably well. There is a 17 metres long frieze that the figures painted are life size. It is extraordinary to see all there is to see in Pompeii.

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