For a Combination of Fun and Elation Go on a Private Tour of Croatia

For a ombinationc of fun and elation go on a Private Tour of Croatia which has emerged as among the most exciting countries to see in Europe. 

There is surely some correlation between Croatia’s growing popularity and its starring role in the TV series Game of Thrones.  

The seven kingdoms game of thrones sightseeing tour of Croatia.

Diocletian’s Palace in Split, another Game of Thrones location, is now the beating heart of the city. 

Among the old columns, temples, walls and cellars that once made up the Roman emperor’s home, you’ll find dozens of small hidden bars, cafes and shops.

Croatia's breathtaking glorious coastline is indisputably its main attraction. 

The first thing that strikes you is the stunningly clear water. Against a pearly white pebble beach, it sparkles with a jewel-like quality in shades of emerald and sapphire.

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For a Combination of Fun and Elation Go on a Private Tour of Croatia

There are long sandy and cobble beaches too – perfect for lazy days spent lounging in a hammock and relaxing reading your holiday romance novels.

If that all sounds too relaxing, there are an enormous amount of water-based activities at hand to lure you off your hammock – snorkelling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, and that's just for starters!!

Take a Private Tour and Walk along Dubrovnik’s City or Town Walls

The walled capital of Scotland - Dubrovnik shouldn't take more than a few hours to walk around the old city.

It is best to visit first thing in the morning when it is quiet, and before the arrival of the game of thrones, fans arrive to see the location of filming!


Top Things to See and Do in Croatia

Ancient City Walls
1 A guided tour of Dubrovnik would not be complete without scaling these almighty walls; it is just amazing. The walk is very long, can take about 2 hours, with many steps in various parts. Best doing it late afternoon or on a cooler day as there is little shade. There are small stalls selling drinks and ice cream if you want to stop for a bit.You can but tickets in advance as well. The views are awesome and great photo opportunities.
Plitvice Lakes National Park
2 50 shades of green, this park is more breathtaking than you can ever imagine. A guided tour can lead you up through the lush trails.The colours are so vivid everywhere; it will take your breath away! The trek can take quite a few hours, but the views are incredible, just be prepared for whatever the weather is like when you book your tour and take make the correct footwear and clothing. This trail can be done anytime throughout the year.  
Old Town
3 The Beautiful old city of Dubrovnik with fancy restaurants and coffee shops. A lovely guided walk over the stone tiles and narrow streets with little shops. The friendly people are always busy in their craft shops and cafes. The new Robin Hood film is due to be filmed here from April 2017. So will attract more visitors than normal. A fabulous and exciting place to visit. great to sit and relax and watch the locals going about thier day.
Diocletian's Palace
4 The old Roman emperor's summer home. Still using the aqueduct which is over 1800 years old. The sightseeing tour is showing the first level of the building. People built homes in the courtyards of the building that are still used today! A great historical tour and a lovely scenic walk as it's situated right on the waterfront. The Roman architecture is amazing, the entry fee is cheap, don't miss out on this tour.
Island of Lokrum
5 Lokrum Island is around an hour by ferry and the cheapest way to tour the island. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dubronovic, then head here for the day! A breathtaking island with lush greenery and fabulous unspoilt gardens. There are also monasteries to be visited. For the game of throne fans, there is a museum and see the real iron throne! No entry fee either! Lovely cafes to relax with a coffee.
Gornji Ugao Tower
6 This ancient archaeological site is unfortunately not as popular as the rest of the historical sites around. The site is beautiful, and if you want to know the history of this town you have to take a guided tour, and they will explain the history in an in-depth way. The museum should be advertised more as its such a fantastic place, and not many tourists visit. So ask around grab yourself a guide and learn the history for yourself.
Museum of Broken Relationships
7 If you fancy something different, try this unique museum with a guided private tour. Small in size but it hits you hard, be prepared to laugh and cry while reading the true stories and the various artefacts that mean something to each story. A very moving museum and you can spend a few hours here reading the stories.      
8 A very eccentric museum with a fantastic selection of frogs, stuffed and moulded into different everyday scenes. Created by Mr Ferenc Mere, in the early 20th century, Bizarre freaky and totally worth seeing!! A very ribbiting experience!! An excellent way to spend 30 minutes and laugh at their various antics! Grab a guided tour and learn the history behind these 100 year old frogs.
Museum of Illusions
9 Where science can be fun, come and visit this unusual museum and see the amazing optical illusions. This is a great family day out where you can spend a few hours learning and playing puzzles together. The photo opportunities are also unique and unusual. Very cheap entry and definitely worth a visit.
Hvar Fortress
10 The Hvar Fortress was a defensive fortress overlooking the city of Hvar. You can visit the Blue Cave and Hvar tour with a Private Tour from Split. Be prepared to hike up the hill to reach the fortress. The views are fantastic and located in the basement is prison cells and a torture chamber !! Many artefacts are dating back to the middle ages. A great day out to be had here.    
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