Cruising Along the Danube With a Sightseeing Tour of Budapest

Explore the fascinating history, stunning architecture, many historic towns, fairytale castles and rocking nightlife of Budapest.

Book easily within a large number of selected private tours of Budapest to discover the Paris of the East!

Budapest, the capital of Hungary and the most culturally significant metropolises in Eastern Europe and home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Although people have resided here since the Stone Age, this lovely city only officially came into being in 1872 with the merger of three formerly independent towns - Old Buda, Pest, and Buda - to become the industrial, commercial and administrative centre of Hungary.

Straddling the River Danube, Budapest is renowned because of its beautiful architecture and its thermal springs, some of that have been used since prehistory for healing goals.   Read More...

Visit the Best City in Europe on a Guided City Tour of Budapest

Cruising Along the Danube With a Sightseeing Tour of Budapest

Budapest brings more than 20 million visitors annually from across the world to its many historical sites, museums, and galleries, and also its sports halls, arenas, and the Hungaroring Formula 1 racetrack now.

Explore the Budapest with its beautiful architecture, intriguing history, and rocking nightlife is found right on a lovely expanse of the Danube River in your private tours of Budapest.

The town is exceptional in that a lot of its museums or conventional sights are not especially remarkable, however, it greater than makes up for it in his great order of thermal baths, actions, exciting areas, and the type of nightlife which will keep you outside until late.

The town is packaged by a large lodging, affordable food, and fits rather nicely in even the tightest budgets. It's hands down among the most exciting cities in Europe!.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Budapest

Heroes' Square
1 The remarkable Heroes' Square was mostly the work of architect Albert Schickedanz.  Highlights include the Millennium Monument, a 36-metre column unveiled in the late nineteenth century and crowned by a figure of the Archangel Gabriel.bove the corner, columns are amazing works in bronze by Zala. To the Unknown Soldier, Monument stands a memorial in front of the Millennium.
The Danube Promenade
2 Wander its banks as you take in the breathtaking buildings of the city. On the banks of the Danube that you will see the haunting cooling Shoes of the Danube Bank memorial, a chain of 60 pairs of steel sculpted shoes commemorating Jews shot dead during WWII. A century old riverside is nice to walk along by the Elisabeth Cheney Chain Bridges. Another excellent way to explore the Danube is a private tour of Budapest.
Hungarian National Museum
3 Founded in 1802, the brilliant Hungarian National Museum, a significant ancient building wall with two courtyards, A monument to the famous Hungarian poet Já, in addition to its massive portico, nos Arany impresses, the gardens with their many busts of famous people. Outstanding displays consist of the Royal Regalia, as well as Hungary pre- and early history from the Stone Age through to the early Middle Ages and Roman times.
Parliament building
4 The Parliament building, the Museum of Ethnography and the Ministry of Agriculture. This Neo-Gothic building, the world's third-biggest parliament building was inaugurated in 1886 to mark the 1, 000th anniversary. Of the state boasts an impressive 19 kilometres of hallways and stairway as well as 691 rooms. Guided private tours of Budapest contain a lot of the highlights of the building, like the Hungarian Crown Jewels, guided tours available.
City Woodland Park - Varosliget
5 City Woodland Park is popular with visitors and the locals. Covering some 302 acres, the park was laid out in the 19th century to designs by famous French landscape gardener Nebbiolo. There are two prominent art museums: the Municipal Zoological and Botanical Garden and the outstanding Transport Museum of Budapest, boasting one of Europe's earliest groups of scale model railroad tracks.
Margaret Island
6 Margaret Island, just 2.4 kilometres long and 503 meters broad is Budapest's first diversion and recuperative facility for most locals. Thermal spring-fed medical bathrooms carefully tended trails and gardens, as well as the ruins of many buildings that are historical; all serve to bring many visitors that are daily. A highlight of any visit is a large health spa complex that covers more than 17 acres and contains a bathroom with man-made waves.
Budapest's Inner Ring
7 The inner ring surrounds the old city centre of Pest, following the former city walls. Plus the Hungarian National Museum that is outstanding, it is here you will locate among the finest Baroque churches in the city, the 18th-century University Church, and also the Petofi Literary Museum with its assortment of functions by writers and the nation's top poets in your tour of Budapest. Pest Synagogue and Jew Museum are of interest.
The Outer Ring
8 The four distance long Outer Ring begins at the east end of Margaret Bridge and continues to the east end of Petofi Bridge in a semicircle, nearly parallel to the inner ring around the city of Pest. Highlights contain West Station, a secure building erected by the Parisian business of Eiffel, as well as Central Europe biggest shopping mall, the WestEnd City Center, with over 400 stores in the 1870 s.
House of Terror
9 Found in Pest in the Terézváros district, the House of Terror is a jarring, but a significant museum that records the dictatorial oppression of Hungary faced during its Nazi and Stalinist regimes. After the headquarters of the State Protection Authority, the building was the website of the brutal interrogation and torture of dissidents and many political activists during the twentieth century. Private tours to the chillingly realistic jail cell replicas in the cellar.
Ruin Pubs
10 Since Hungarians suffered so much after the war, through WWII, there were many buildings left empty and deserted. Hipsters and artists transferred into the places that were lost and had turned them into different pubs which are the preferred local area. Each one has its distinctive individuality. Immediate and Szimpla are the two most well-known, but there are lots of new ones going and always coming something around.

Travel Tips for Budapest

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