Start Your Safari in the Enjoyable, Enticing Entebbe on a Private Tour

An excellent way to start your safari tours is in the enjoyable, enticing Town of Entebbe on a private tour

Once the capital of Uganda before the 1962 independence, Entebbe is a more relaxed and enjoyable place to visit. Located within walking distance of Lake Victoria, it has plenty of open greenery areas and some popular beaches such as Lido Beach.

Entebbe is an ideal town to stay before venturing off on safari or to relax in after you have been trekking for a few days.

Places of interest to visit on guided tours when in Entebbe include the Entebbe Botanical Gardens and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Also, there are great shopping areas, Victoria Mall is an example, where you can pick up some bargains.

Let the activities begin!
3 Day Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi from Kigali
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Do you want to see the mountain gorillas , but you don't have much time? Fly into Kigali! We pick you up from Kigali and drive you in only 4 hours to Bwindi Forest in Uganda.

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3 Days Murchison Falls Big 5 & Big Cats Tour
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Spot some of Uganda’s rarest wildlife species on this multi-day safari expedition to Murchison Falls National Park and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

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5 Day Gorilla Trekking, Big 5 & Big Cats in Uganda
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Mountain Gorilla tracking in Bwindi forest is combined with a wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park to create a perfect blend between nature and exhilaration.

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4 Day Mountain Gorillas Tour
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See the magnificent gorillas on this amazing tour where you will go gorilla tracking. You will have a short visit to Kampala and a stopover at the equator.

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4 days Scheduling Private Tour Entebbe
6 Day Gorilla Mountain Tour
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On this 6 day Gorilla Mountain Tour you will go trekking in search of these amazing animals and also spot other wildlife from a very short distance.

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13 Day Gorilla and Safari Tour
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Not only will you get to see the amazing gorillas on this 13 days tour you will also get to see magnificent wildlife including rhino, zebra, Buffalo and lots more.

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13 days Scheduling Private Tour Entebbe

Top 8 Things to Do in Entebbe

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre
1 Established in 1952 primarily as a traditional zoo where young animals who were orphaned due to poachers killings their parents or they just died found sanctuary. In 1994 it became a wildlife education centre. There are over 200 animals representing 50 different species living in habitats similar to the wild. With over 250 bird species to see, birdwatchers will be very happy.
Entebbe Botanical Gardens
2 Upon the shores of Lake Victoria, you will find the beautifully landscaped Entebbe Botanical Gardens, a great place to go on a guided tour. Not only are there stunning plant life, there is also a wide variety of birds to see such as the red chested orange Sunbirds. Some of the animals found in the small patch of rainforest are vervet monkeys, Blue and Ross traces and Guereza Colobus. 
Uganda Reptile Village
3 Between Entebbe and Kampala is the Uganda Reptile Village, another great place to visit on a guided tour. The importance of this reptile village is to educate the locals and tourists on the reptiles here and to preserve them. The type of snakes are mambas, cobras, pythons and puff adders. Also to be seen here are chameleons, lizards, varieties of tortoise and a huge pool for crocodiles.
Ssese Island
4 Take a sightseeing tour to Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria. A ferry goes from Entebbe to the Island, or you can take a private boat tour to it. There is a lovely white sandy beach to relax on or why not take a canoe out onto the waters. If you stay the night on the Island, you can enjoy a bonfire on the beach after watching the fabulous sunset. On the boat tour, you may catch sight of the odd hippo!
Entebbe Craft Village
5 If you are looking for a place to buy some souvenirs of you visit to Entebbe, then take a sightseeing tour to the Entebbe Craft Village. This small village is where you will find beautiful crafts made by Ugandans being sold to locals and tourists. The type of items you can find here include sculptures, clothes, footwear and creatively designed jewellery. The items here tend to be a lot cheaper.
Lake Mburo National Park
6 Take a safari tour to Lake Mburo National Park which is the closest National Park to Entebbe, it is the smallest national park of Uganda’s savannah but the most compact and there is still plenty to see and do. On a boat safari of Lake Mburo explore the banks and watch out for buffalo, hippos and crocodiles. Horseback safaris are very popular as well as hiking and nature walk tours.  
Chimp Island
7 Another Island that can be reached from Entebbe by private boat tour is Chimp Island on Lake Victoria. You are in for an unforgettable experience when you visit here because the Chimpanzees and monkeys are brilliant. You are even allowed to feed them but under the strict rules and guidance of the rangers on duty. It is a real wildlife experience to be enjoyed.
Muzinga Square
8 In the heart of Entebbe is the Muzinga Square, a recreational park and landmark of the city. The Muzinga monument is a historic attraction here left behind by. The Tanzanian army after they ousted the Ugandan President Idi Amin Dada. Things to see in the park include a cannon with two soldier statues next to it. A sightseeing tour to this park is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Seen the Amazing Animals at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Entebbe

Start Your Safari in the Enjoyable, Enticing Entebbe on a Private Tour

The large national parks where you can do the real adventurous safari tour are located within hours of Entebbe. The closest one is Lake Mburo National Park where you can do horse riding safari tours, hiking or nature walks while on the look out for buffalo, hippos or crocodiles.

Lake Victoria, however, holds lots of opportunities and Entebbe is on its shores. Being the largest lake in Africa it has numerous tours. A popular one is to travel the waters on a safari boat tour and watch a sunset or visit one of the islands and have some fun feeding chimpanzees.

Travel Tips for Entebbe