Queen Elizabeth National Park on a Private Tour for 00 Latitude Safaris

For a destination where you can take safaris at 00 latitude, go on a private tour of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Part of the National Park spans the equator line and the exact spot is marked with monuments on either side.

The most popular National Park in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park has a diverse ecosystem which includes fertile wetlands, humid forests, a vast spread of Savannah and glistening lakes.

Due to the diverse environment and terrain, there are many perfect habitats for the likes of big game, primates and lots of bird species.

The spectacular views of the park are best seen from Rwenzori Mountains which are the backdrop to this National Park. Some of the views include the enormous craters that are carved into the green hills or the Kazinga Channel and the wildlife along its banks.

There are guided tours to learn cultural history in some of the local communities where you will be entertained by storytelling, music, dance and more.

Let the activities begin!
Ishasha Safari
1 Take an interesting safari to the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This area in the southern part of the park is where you will see the impressive tree-climbing lions on large fig trees. It is not only the lions to be seen here when on safari, there are Buffaloes, Topi and Uganda Kob grazing in the savannah. The Rangers get you as close as possible to the animals.  
Queen Elizabeth National Park Game Drives
2 The fantastic Game drive safari tours on offer in Queen Elizabeth National Park will leave everlasting memories. Take an early morning or late afternoon game drive through the park and see the wildlife and other attractions such as the volcanic craters at the foot of mountains. There are many different species of wildlife and bird to be seen and it is an exhilarating and thrilling tour to take.  
Boat tours on the Launch Cruise
3 A fantastic way to see the Queen Elizabeth National Park is through a boat tour and on the launch cruise you are guaranteed a great time. Along the Kazinga Channel, the boat tours get within metres of hippos which are huge, lazing in the river. This is also a good way of seeing buffaloes and elephants as they hang around the shoreline. It is a great tour for birdwatchers too.
Chimp Tracking Safari Tours
4 A fantastic safari tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the chimp tracking safari. It is great fun to see the chimps in their natural habitat in the Kyambura Gorge and hear the chatter amongst them. There are many other reasons to take this safari due to the fact that the guides teach you about the underground rainforest, birds names and behaviour on top of monkey ecology.  
Cave Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park
5 In the Maramagambo Forest, hidden beneath the forest canopy, there are some caves to see on guided tours. The Bat Cave conveniently has a viewing room where you get to see bats and surprisingly pythons who live together. Another historic cave in the region is Nyanzíbiri which is a cultural cave. The very knowledgeable guides explain the fascinating history here.  
Village Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park
6 Leopard Village is an excellent place to visit for a cultural tour. This village is community run and socio-economic development. When you visit here, you can tour the traditional huts which are replicas of the originals from eras ago. There is a good chance that you will be treated to some song and dance performances by the locals. The people are amazing and friendly.  
Balloon Safari Tours
7 One of the best ways to see Queen Elizabeth National Park is by a balloon safari tour. Due to the early start that this entails, you get to see the night and early morning prowling animals along the way to the balloon. Once up in the air, there are spectacular views and photo opportunities as the balloon leisurely glide over the national park. The Rangers and balloon handlers are brilliant.
Birdwatching sightseeing Tours
8 Queen Elizabeth National Park is lucky enough to have been classified by Birding International to be an important Briding Area and a great place to take a Birdwatching sightseeing tour. There are over 600 species all over the park; therefore, there are many varied tours to take. Some of the birds you will see include black-rumped buttonquail, martial eagle, pink backed pelican and shoebill.

Travel Tips for Queen Elizabeth National Park