Soak Up the Sun on Private San Juan Custom Beach & City Tours

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city on the island. It has the most extensive beach fronts you will ever see famously known for its bars and nightclubs and casinos. The old San Juan has 16th-century landmarks including El Morro and La Fortaleza and also vibrant Spanish colonial buildings,That are great to see when on best excursions in San Juan. San Juan established in 1521 it is the oldest European settlement under the US administration. San Juan is a historic beauty that is so authentic with its modern energy. In 2017 San Juan was hit by an earthquake that has left severe damage behind, but the amazing citizens have rebuilt it to the amazingly beautiful place it is known to be. San Juan is a magical place to visit when on San Juan Puerto Rico excursions.

Let the activities begin!
Salsa Dance Workshop
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Salsa music and dancing are things you cannot miss out on while on holiday in Puerto Rico; therefore, it’s time to take a class!

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1 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Afro Caribbean Percussion Workshop
2 reviews

Puerto Rico is all about music! Take a chance and get a taste of the Puerto Rican culture with our drum workshop. A great activity for the whole family!!

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2 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Island Snorkel Experience to Icacos, Lobos and Palominos
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Sail away with your captain for the next 4 hours and enjoy the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and tranquillity surrounded by the ocean!

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Afro-Puerto Rican Heritage Tour
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Experience with us the roots of Puerto Rico on this 5-hour combination tour where you will enjoy deserted beaches and scenic views!

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5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
El Yunque Rainforest Experience - Off the beaten path!
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We take you off the beaten path with a small group to enjoy the majestic rainforest and taste the local cuisine of this enchanted island. Book with us your day tour away!

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8 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Meet Your Guide at El Yunque - Off the Beaten Path
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Do you want to experience the El Yunque Rainforest off the beaten path and have the freedom of your own transport? If you love nature, this is a must-do!

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4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
Art – Painting Workshop At Your Own Location
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Make your own souvenir of Puerto Rico to take home! Something unique to do in the comfort of your own (vacation-rental) home...

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2 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Workshop: Experience Life on a 11 Acre Organic Farm
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Come to reconnect with nature at an 11-acre organic farm. Visit the North East ecological Corridor and witness the beauty of the forest canopy.

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3 to 4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
Old San Juan Walk and Photography Workshop
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With this exciting 4-hour combination tour you will take home the knowledge of the unique architecture and interesting history of Old San Juan, and new photography skills.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Old San Juan Walking Tour
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Discover the history of Old San Juan, the second oldest city in America, as you pound its ancient cobblestones on a 4-hour walking tour!

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Old San Juan and Bacardi Distillery Tour
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Drive through Old San Juan and explore 400 years of Spanish rich legacy with our small group tour. A combination of driving, walking and visiting the Bacardi Distillery!

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5 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
El Morro
1 El Morro is the main attraction in San Juan with 140ft walls that are 15ft thick it is one of the oldest Spanish forts, and it dates back to 1539. Some displays have documented the construction of the fort that took 200 years, and it has repelled attacks from the British, Dutch and US military. There is a short film screened in the overview of the fort every 15 minutes that provides a historical background of the fort. This fort glows across the Atlantic. 
Fuerte San Cristóbal
2 Fuerte San Cristobal is one of the most significant military buildings built. It covers 27 acres with a maze of six interconnecting forts. This fort has a fantastic museum a store and military archives with magnificent city views. The fort was constructed to protect San Juan from attacks. The design came from a famous Irish mercenary Alejandro O’Reilly the fort was built in 1634. This fort is a national historic site and also Unesco World Heritage Site.
Museo de las Américas
3 Museo de las Americas is a museum that showcases a beautiful insight into cultural development in the Americas, with African and European guidance. Four permanent exhibits are combined in ways you would not imagine art, history and sociology. The way slavery was covered was very moving including the way they recreated the slave ship. The Audiovisual and knowledgeable guides are the highlight of this trip.    
Balneario Escambrón
4 This is a 17th-century Spanish fort that shines in the distance of this beautiful beach. The beach is very close to old San Juan and the busy tourist destination Condado. The beach is located on the northern strip of land in Puerta de Tierra. This beach is shaped like a palm and rough at times, but it is one of the best options you will be offered. This beach has lifeguards, restrooms and gear rental stand with a large parking lot.
Playa Isla Verde
5 This beach is a mile long of sand that is a wedge between Punta Las Marías and Piñones. This beach is beautiful but is very busy with families in the holiday season and to find space will be tough as a lot of people will be flexing themselves around the volleyball net. Some may like to go west to Ocean park to avoid the big crowds and families to be sure they will have a place on the beach.
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
6 Museo de Art de Puerto Rico is one of the biggest, and it is the most celebrated art museums in the Caribbean. It is in a spectacular neoclassical building that was the city's hospital it has 18 exhibitions has that are laced out across 130,000 sq feet. The collections that are on display are paintings, sculptures, posters and carvings from the 17th to 21st century showcasing Puerto Rican artists such as José Campeche, Francisco Oller, Nick Quijano and Rafael Ferrer. This facility also has a hands-on exhibition for
Playa Ocean Park
7 Playa Ocean Park is hidden by residential streets and B&Bs it has diamond dust, and that is protected by offshore reefs and is cared for by the cooling winds. The beach is a perfect tranquil getaway that is open to everyone. All you have to do is pick a road and walk towards the water. Ocean Park is not that famous as it is hidden, but when you finally reach it, you will be spellbound by its natural beauty.
Espacio Emergente
8 Espacio Emergente is a museum that displays art from artists in Puerto Rico the displays include paintings, sculpture and installation art. The museum also showcases local artists with free tours of their studio with a meet and greet with the artists. It is on offer two times a month, but you have to call and ask for the schedule and also make a reservation so you will get a place.
9 Piñones is located east of San Juan with natural beaches, forests in Bosque Estatal de Piñones and fantastic hangouts. You can lay in the sandy curves and swim the reef protected waters, enjoy seafood, snacks and cold coconut milk at music stands by the roadside. You can find this beach as you travel out of San Juan it is parallel to the ocean. This beach has spectacular views, especially at sunset.
Cuartel de Ballajá
10 Cuartel de Ballajá is a military barracks that was built in 1854 it is three-story building that has large gates on both ends, huge balconies, arches and a courtyard that is protected it once served as a plaza and also covers a reservoir. It was also one of the last buildings that were constructed by the Spanish. The facilities included warehouses, kitchens, dining rooms, prison cells and stables. There is a small exhibit that outlines the history of the building.

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