Playful in the Sun on Private Puerto Rico Guided Sightseeing Tours

Puerto Rico is a beautiful Carribean island with amazing beaches it is a paradise with beautiful landscapes including mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforests. Puerto Rico is inspiring and intriguing to all of their visitors for sunbathing and surfing there are many things to do there on private Puerto Rico tours. With best tours in Puerto Rico and fantastic condo towers the smell of delicious roasted pork and coffee plantations and the best rain forest tours in Puerto Rico. 

Let the activities begin!
Salsa Dance Workshop
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Salsa music and dancing are things you cannot miss out on while on holiday in Puerto Rico; therefore, it’s time to take a class!

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1 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Afro Caribbean Percussion Workshop
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Puerto Rico is all about music! Take a chance and get a taste of the Puerto Rican culture with our drum workshop. A great activity for the whole family!!

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2 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Island Snorkel Experience to Icacos, Lobos and Palominos
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Sail away with your captain for the next 4 hours and enjoy the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and tranquillity surrounded by the ocean!

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Afro-Puerto Rican Heritage Tour
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Experience with us the roots of Puerto Rico on this 5-hour combination tour where you will enjoy deserted beaches and scenic views!

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5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
El Yunque Rainforest Experience - Off the beaten path!
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We take you off the beaten path with a small group to enjoy the majestic rainforest and taste the local cuisine of this enchanted island. Book with us your day tour away!

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8 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Meet Your Guide at El Yunque - Off the Beaten Path
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Do you want to experience the El Yunque Rainforest off the beaten path and have the freedom of your own transport? If you love nature, this is a must-do!

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4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
Art – Painting Workshop At Your Own Location
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Make your own souvenir of Puerto Rico to take home! Something unique to do in the comfort of your own (vacation-rental) home...

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2 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Workshop: Experience Life on a 11 Acre Organic Farm
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Come to reconnect with nature at an 11-acre organic farm. Visit the North East ecological Corridor and witness the beauty of the forest canopy.

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3 to 4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour San Juan
Old San Juan Walk and Photography Workshop
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With this exciting 4-hour combination tour you will take home the knowledge of the unique architecture and interesting history of Old San Juan, and new photography skills.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Old San Juan Walking Tour
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Discover the history of Old San Juan, the second oldest city in America, as you pound its ancient cobblestones on a 4-hour walking tour!

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour San Juan
Old San Juan and Bacardi Distillery Tour
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Drive through Old San Juan and explore 400 years of Spanish rich legacy with our small group tour. A combination of driving, walking and visiting the Bacardi Distillery!

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5 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour San Juan
Cabezas de San Juan Reserva Natural
1 Cabezas de San Juan Reserva Natural a substantial natural nature reserve that preserves the Laguna Grande Bioluminescent bay. It consists of Yunque rainforests mangroves and many boardwalk trails and has a major scientific research centre. It may be small in size, but there are hundreds of species of animals that call this place home. The centre also has fantastic views of the north and west coast that are great for private Puerto Rican tours they are the main highlight of the reserve.
Museo de Arte de Ponce
2 Museo de Arte de Ponce is an art museum that is located in Puerto Rico it is home to many different artists including Puerto Rican and European artists. With 850 paintings and 800 sculptures that are presented in a historical juxtaposition, the art represents five centuries of western art. The museum went under a $30million renovation for its 50th anniversary it has some of the best art in the Caribbean that is worth seeing on private Puerto Rico tours.
Isla Culebrita
3 Isla Culebrita is a small island east of Playa Zoni and is part of a national wildlife refuge it has six beaches, tide pools, reefs and a nesting area for seabirds. The beaches are also nesting homes for green sea turtles. This island is excellent for snorkelling offshore near the reefs. Faro Culebrita is also home to the Isla, and it was built in 1886 and is the oldest lighthouse operating in the Caribbean. It was shut down by the US Navy in 1975.
El Morro
4 El Morro is the main attraction in San Juan Bay with 140ft walls that are 15ft thick it is one of the oldest Spanish forts, and it dates back to 1539. Some displays have documented the construction of the fort that took 200 years, and it has repelled attacks from the British, Dutch and US military. There is a short film screened in the overview of the fort every 15 minutes that provides a historical background of the fort. This fort glows across the Atlantic.
Fuerte San Cristobal
5 Fuerte San Cristobal is one of the most significant military buildings built. It covers 27 acres with a maze of six interconnecting forts. This fort has a fantastic museum a store and the army archives with magnificent city views. The fort was constructed to protect San Juan from attacks. The design came from a famous Irish mercenary Alejandro O’Reilly the fort was built in 1634. This fort is a national historic site and also Unesco World Heritage Site that are wonderful to see on private guided Puerto Rican Tours.
Canon de San Cristobal
6 Canon de San Cristobal is a spectacular canyon that will give you a surprise on private tours with breathtaking views with central mountains. It is the highest waterfall on the island the river plunges a cliff into a deep Vally. This canyon is a thrilling adventure for people that love the great outdoors. The trails are slippery when it is wet and when raining this canyon is prone to a lot of rain. These trails are also vulnerable to landslides.
Bahía Mosquito
7 Bahia Mosquito is a magical bay that is also a wildlife preserve located east of Esperanza it has the highest number of phosphorescent dinoflagellates. You can take a wander along the lagoon on kayak tours. Boats are not allowed as the pollution kills the organisms that make the phosphorescence. Also in the waters are small sharks and rays among other fish that are also in this spectacular light show. Swimming in the lagoon is against the law.
Playa Flamenco
8 Playa Flamenco is a famous horseshoe-shaped bay located in Culebra. It is famously known for its turquoise waters, white sand, water sports and diving sites and scuba divers. It is one of the most exceptional beaches in the Caribbean sea. The beach resort is one mile in length, and It also has scrubs and palm trees. This beach is trendy on weekends with many visitors from San Juan, and it also has a wide range of facilities that are awesome on Puerto Rico guided tours.
9 Ponce is a unique Puerto Rican city it is also known as Puerto Rico's second city with amazingly built architecture of historic buildings and sparkling fountains that show ponce’s elegant side. And narrow streets, It is full of restaurants and very busy with congested traffic. This city is great for evening strolls along the boardwalk of La Guancha Paseo Tablado. The city also has many museums with many of them the best on the Caribbean island.
Bosque Estatal de Guánica
10 Bosque Estatal de Guánica is a nature reserve and is known as a natural treasure or Yunque national forest. It is located in two sections east and west of Guánica. It is a desert forest that has one of the best of subtropical dry forest vegetation, With great growth of flora and fauna. This forest has day trips that lead to numerous trails that connect to ecosystems. This forest is excellent for hiking mountain biking and birdwatching. This forest is a rare sanctuary.