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Whether you are a retiree or an empty-nester, looking for something to reinvigorate your life, or you just want to take some time off of your stressful and monotonous working life, or you simply want to experience the wonders the world has to offer for no particular reason, a Round-the-World Travel is a perfect choice.

Our website provides you the platform where you will find a right plan for your round-the-world trip. As to those who have done round-the-world travel one way or another, you are more than welcome to share your unique experience by clicking here to ADD your wonderful story of adventure in the world.

Ephesus--the city connecting the Ancient and the Contemporary

Among them, Caliga Pelle is the best with its eye-dazzling fashion show, variety of styles, and the leather of top quality. Quite a great souvenir from Turkey. Read More
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Off to Rome on Our 25 Year Anniversary Thanks to Our Kids

For our wedding anniversary, married for 25 years, my wife and I were given a long weekend to Rome as a present, from our children. After three months it was time to go our flight, transfers, hotel and a fully daily Rome Tours were included. Read More
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My One Day Whirlwind Visit to Rome and my Private Vatican tours

Follow me on my one day Vatican City Tour while travelling around Rome Read More
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  • 1611 Views All Women Working Team 

Our Team of Wonderful Women Taking On the Global Travel Market Read More
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Are You A Solitude-Seeker or Bright-Light Chaser?

What kind of a traveller are you? Do you hunt for the electric buzz of a bustling city or instead search for a remote island away from modern conveniences? Perhaps your preference is decided by which environment you live or grew up in? Read More
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Australia going "Down Under" on my Dream Holiday of a Lifetime

Celebrating Australia Day on My First Big Dream Holiday Read More
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Ho Ho Ho, Where did Santa Go – My Black Sea Christmas Experience

Back in Ireland we always had a traditional Christmas with the tree, Turkey presents etc. I thought I would share with you my first Christmas here in Turkey and how different it was, however; it was one of the most emotional, overwhelming experiences I have ever had and as left memories that will stay with me forever. Read More
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A Shrine Dedicated to Love – the Taj Mahal

I have always wanted to see the Taj Mahal ever since I heard about it in school. So when I had a chance to travel Asia, I knew my stop would be in New Dehli, to make my little dream come true and my friends were keen to see the iconic monument too. Read More
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Living the Highlife in Miami

OMG Miami Beach was amazeballs; to set the seen Imagine blue skies, parks, palm trees, colourful street life, art deco buildings, and free-spirited locals it is fabulous. Read More
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Victorious, Visual Pleasure of Vietnam

A few things about Vietnam that stood out immediately. Firstly was the food; it is delicious, and I ate so much of it! Secondly was Vietnam’s incredible history; but through it all, the country has emerged with a very strong sense of its own culture. Lastly, I was moved by its magnificent landscape and beautiful architecture. Read More
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