If you look at the satellite picture of Italy, you can see there are all sorts of geographical landscapes which, for those who enjoy the outdoor activities, are a treasure to explore. Whether it is a leisurely walk as in hiking on well-made trails and man-made roads or a more challenging walk as in trekking, you are going to have a ball in exerting your physical strength while taking in breathtaking views and leaving Italy with fantastic memories in pictures along your trip.

Trekking or hiking trip sometimes is full of surprises along the trails. You can go trekking without much expense other than the basic required gears such as comfortable walking shoes and others. However, it is advised to go trekking or hiking with an experienced private tour guide if you opt for a rarely visited trail. If you have already had the trekking experience in Italy, click here to ADD your unique trekking story to share with people who might someday benefit from the information provided.

Which is Better, Trekking or Hiking?

Hiking or trekking will harden up your core as it will allow you to move the different muscles on your body and it helps you also to have a proper blood circulation. The great thing about going hiking is that you will be able to fix the limits when you want to go further. What better way to experience a private tour than going for a trek or hike. Read More
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