Focused travel - Festivals and Events

People travel for various reasons; some travel because it is a part of their lifestyle, others are motivated by more specific needs such as a getaway from daily hassles and bustles. No matter what the reason is, the thrill of the travel is definitely there.

A focused travel is the kind of travel with a specific purpose. For example, if you are a die-hard football enthusiastic, you might opt for a trip to Japan in 2016 to be watching fantastic football matches of 2016 world cup. Or, you might want to grab the opportunity to see Paris on a private full-day tour of Paris while attending an international seminar of one kind or another.

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When we Celebrated "Hogmanay" in Exciting Edinburgh

New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay as it is called in Scotland, is an incredible experience and makes for a very good reason to visit the country in winter. Wild parties and fireworks are everywhere as the streets are filled with revellers which attract people from all over the world. Read More
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Ringing in the New Year in Canada's Terrific City of Toronto

When I was 17 my friend, and I headed off on an adventure of a lifetime. My friend's sister was working and living in Toronto and she suggested that we should come out for the summer. Read More
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My "Back to Lake George, New York" Christmas Holiday

When I was sixteen I was fortunate to spend the summer in Lake George with my Aunt and Uncle and enjoyed myself so much that I returned each summer for three years. It has been 40 years since my last visit and this year I have decided to return to see what Lake George is like at Christmas. Read More
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Discover the Festivals of North Carolina

If you are looking for fun and interesting things to do in North Carolina this summer you should explore some if the amazing festivals. North Carolina has many different types of events. There is something for everyone. Cultural, food and drink, and multiple others are scattered all over the beautiful state. Read More
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Experience Great Festivals And Events With Private Tours

The best way to experience the rich cultural heritage of a given destination is by participating in any of its lively festivals. In the world today, there are numerous cultural events that are unique in their own different ways. A few of these festivals and events have been aligned here to some common group tour itineraries. Read More
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Tourist Attractions for Thailand's famous Full Moon Party

Thailand’s full moon party is famous because of its all-night beach party where people come from all over the world. The party is conducted in Haad Rin, a well-known island of Ko Pha Ngan. The majority of the attendees are tourists who dance and enjoy alcohol until sunrise. Read More
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