Back in the 16th century, honeymoon means that the idea of the first month of marriage is the sweetest. Given the serious image of the English, who would have thought that the custom of honeymoon actually originated in Great Britain? Although it was a western custom, having a honeymoon is a world-wide practice, regardless of the backgrounds of the newlyweds.

Well, honeymoon means romance and privacy for the newlywed to bond. It is undoubtedly a lifetime experience. However, nowadays honeymoons are not strictly the right of the newlyweds. Couples who have been married for decades also go on honeymoon travel to celebrate their unity.

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A Honeymoon With A Private Tour

Honeymoons are intended to be a way to begin a life together with memories. They are intended to allow those two people who have fallen in love, and who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together to have some considerable time without that interference we know and call life. A time where attention, focus and adoration can be spent on each other. So it doesn't matter if you have found your lives in a place and station where money is good and the expense is less of an issue, or if you've saved for this day and that honeymoon trip for quite some time - there is something uniquely special about a private tour honeymoon. Read More
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Top Destinations around the World for your Honeymoon

Choosing a honeymoon destination can be an exciting and exhilarating process. Lovebirds deciding on what destination to disappear to for their honeymoon can decide whether or not they want a location with a warmer climate or somewhere chilly and perfect for cuddling. There are a number of great destinations around the world for your honeymoon. We would be taking a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations around the world, and what exactly they have to offer. Read More
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Santorini, Step Ashore And Go On A Tour

Santorini is the largest in the Greek Cyclades islands and very popular vacation destination. Santorini is amazing island where many go to for a honeymoon and even a getaway with family members, it appeals to everybody. This island should definitely be on the top list of places you would like to. This island should definitely be on the top list of places you would like to. Read More
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