Plenty of coasts and islands for you to have a wonderful vacation.

Being parts of the planet of Earth, millions of coasts and islands are waiting for us to explore. Coasts and islands travel can take forms in activities involving crystal-clear beaches, wildlife, and nature, long-haul travel around the world, or some luxury travel that enables you to have an excellent honeymoon or a superb fitness treatment at some thermal baths and spas.

So many people are eager to give it a try and yet don’t know where and how to start to plan their dream coasts and islands travel. A private tour of coasts and islands will be a great way to begin. But, your own experience of coasts and islands travel can be very refreshing for many too. You can be a great help to them by clicking here to ADD your coasts and islands travel experience here.

Cork My Lovely Home by the Lee

My favourite memory of going home to Cork is when I returned this year the first time since leaving to live in Turkey 15 months earlier. After 15 months without seeing any of my family or dear friends, to say I was excited and anxious to get home was an understatement. As there are no direct flights into Cork Kusadasi it took me over 15 hours to get to The Banks of my Lovely Lee but I made it and I was so happy to be home. The journey was very tough firstly a 1-hour journey by car then 2 flights and then a 3hr journey by bus from Dublin to home. Going through customs in Dublin airport I was stopped of course but as luck would have it I was talking to a lovely lady who waved me through and on my way. The people, my friends and my family are perhaps what I miss the most about my home but it’s the food, mammy dinners, Brennan's Bread and the usual comforts you only get in my hometown of Cork, here are some of the highlights of my trip home. Read More
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Turkey's Beautiful Turquoise Coast

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's my friend, flying above the pine-forested ridges on the edge of the ocean on Turkey's Turquoise Coast. I was up next to take the runway, racing down the slope until the brightly coloured parachute went up into the air and the ground fell away beneath my feet. Below, I could see islands out across Fethiye Bay and the long white crescent of Olu Deniz's famous beach curving right around the coast towards the popular Blue Lagoon. Read More
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Take A Private Tour Of The World’s Most Amazing Coasts And Islands

Beautiful sands, amazing blue waters and a warm breeze blows through your hair as you find yourself relaxing on the beach. Who doesn’t enjoy taking in the beauty found along the world’s coasts and Islands. What could make such a glorious day even more amazing? A private tour to some of the most breathtaking beaches, islands and coastlines on the planet of course. Read More
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Great to explore Bali, with or without a Private Tour

Bali, the most popular place in Indonesia to visit, is a very beautiful island with many things to offer. The beaches are picturesque, along with the country side, and all the beautiful sites to see. Overall Bali is a very beautiful island to visit and explore on your own or go on a private tour. The beautiful culture and scenery on this island makes it a very wonderful place to go. If you want a mix of culture and night life this would be the place to go. Read More
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Take A Private Tour In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a very popular travel destination, take a private tour in Puerto Rico whether you're going with a loved one or your family members. The private boat tours are definitely something you want to put on your checklist. Read More
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