Travel tips are useful information that not only helps you plan your trip and gets you familiar with your destination but also saves you money on the road. In extreme cases, some travel tips can even save your life!

Sources for gathering travel tips are abundant but the most convenient one is the internet where all sorts of travel information are just a click away. Blogs are especially useful because the travel tips provided there are usually first-hand.

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Tips You Should Know Before Booking a Tour to the Taj Mahal

No trip to India is complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal. If you’re travelling to India for the first time, it’s fair to say that this wonder of the world is definitely on your itinerary…and so it should be! Read More
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Is it even a holiday if you haven’t posted it on social media yet?

How many reactions do you average per post? Many of us are spending more and more of our time using technology, especially on our travels, but how long do you think you could last without it? Social media seems to be at the centre of all our lives, but do we use it more or less whilst on vacation? Read More
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Top 10 Summer Destinations in 2016

Now that you’ve been working day and night during the winters like the ants, it’s time to enjoy your way through summers like them too. Why not? Because everyone deserves a break, after all! From the beautiful beaches and lakes in America to the astounding beauty of European cities, you deserve to treat yourself with the best spots & top 10 summer destinations in 2016 during vacations. Read More
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Quick Ways To Plan An Inexpensive Trip

When it comes to planning a vacation or trip, traveling can be quite expensive. There is the car rental, plane tickets, hotel rooms, new clothing, food…you get the drift. Many people opt to not travel because of financial issues. And if they do decide to book a trip, extravagant activities, like a private tour, are out of the picture. They feel that they cannot have a great time because they simply, don’t have the money. But, there are easy tricks that can help you to have a memorable trip while not breaking the bank. Read More
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10 Must-See Things of Your Private Tour to Italy

An Italian holiday vacation often means a number of things to various individuals. If you are having private tours of Italy with young kids or even teenagers, you might most likely want to plan your vacation to include activities to keep those kids or perhaps teenagers occupied. An intimate trip may not be suitable for this kind of a family travel. Should you be an elderly couple traveling overseas for the very first time, you might want to ensure that you check the sought after tourist attractions like the architecture and also ruins situated in Rome as well as in other areas across the nation. Read More
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5 Tips To Consider When Going On A Road Trip

Before hitting the road as you begin your private tour, you'll be sure to do a road trip research. Make sure you are at alert and safety conscious at all times throughout your road trip. As that is the only way you will have a fantastic and fun road trip. Read More
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Hit On People Like An Anthropologist

Some of my friends think that traveling is about three things, great views, good food and entertainment. Though I totally agree with this idea, there is still something missing in this pyramid, talking with strangers. Which is, actually, to explore as much as possible through “chatty with locals, other visitors and so on. Read More
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What You Must Know Before Going On An Adventure Trip

Embarking on an exciting adventure? Great! Nothing is as exciting as going on a private tour with family or friends after a long haul at the grind. For a common guy, adventure does not necessarily mean going on a mountaineering expedition, diving into the deep seas and oceans, or crossing those rough rivers. A visit to a forest or a trek into the woods in your country or a nearby country, can also be an amazing adventure. Wherever your adventure may lead you, here are a few things to keep in mind, when planning your private tour that can improve your entire travelling experience. Read More
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