Like any kind of travel, adventure travel gives you an exciting experience to no end. By Wikipedia’s definition, adventure travel includes three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange, and connection with nature.

Since adventure travel understandably involves certain perceived risk and usually requires special skills and physical exertion, it is mostly done with a private travel guide specializing in the activity of your interest, be it mountain biking, bungee jumping, paragliding, and many others.

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Fun and Adventure in the Desert of Morrocco

So here I am, after what was a bit of a bumpy landing, in Morocco, my driver was waiting for me at arrivals. We drove through the old quarter it all looked so confusing as the streets were twisting, and weaving but eventually, we arrived at our Riad. Read More
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The Wonders and Magic of Nepal

If you’re going to visit Nepal yea you can go and do a trek or climb a mountain or go to to see fantastic cultural sites but if you are like me I just go there to chill out and let my spirit glow and stuff. This is our third trip to Nepal and we always go to Kathmandu and Pokhara our favorite places. Read More
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You Know You Are Truly Alive Among the Lions on Tour in Tanzania

I have never seen so much precious and magnificent wildlife encounters as I did here in Tanzania, not only famous for its safaris, but I also experienced the beat of Africa in Arusha's Mount Meru, Mr. Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar City. Read More
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My Holiday to the Mystical Kingdom of Bhutan

Do you ever dream about discovering magical and mystical treasures in a place that not many people have heard of or even seen well I did just that in Bhutan! I booked a guided private tour to Bhutan Read More
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Discover the Most Fascinating Places to Go Skydiving

In the event that it is time to take the plunge, below are some of the fantastic-loved skydiving sites, or drop zones, around the world, each using their own magnificent perspective on your viewing pleasure while you plummet throughout the atmosphere in your private tour. Read More
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Reasons to Visit Hobbiton for Adventure

If you’re interested in knowing the movie making techniques, then Hobbiton is the best choice as guides inform you about the secrets of the movies, i.e. you will learn that some trees that were used in the movie were not real and their leaves were imported from other countries. Read More
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