Ephesus--the city connecting the Ancient and the Contemporary

caliga pelle

Ephesus, a Greek and later a Roman metropolitan city, was not only the most important commercial centre in the West Anatolia but also of extremely biblical importance.

The heritage of the Ancient time has reflected and displayed in every aspect of the Contemporary such as in architecture, city planning, fashion, religion and many others.

The House of Virgin Mary located nearby is believed to be the place where Virgin Mary spent her last years and millions of people from all over the world visit it every year. The Temple of Artemis and the Seven Sleepers are attractions not to miss. 


Caliga Pelle

An important part of fashion from the Roman heritage is Italian Leather and Fur, a majority of which is manufactured in Turkey. Along the Aegean Coast, there are many leather centres which have presented to tourists. Among them, Caliga Pelle is the best with its eye-dazzling fashion shows, a variety of styles, and the leather of top quality.

Lectures, regarding the products of Caliga Pelle and in terms of maintenance and cleaning, are given in different languages to visitors. The 2-year guarantee of after-sales service is a plus. Visitors usually leave Caliga Pelle with lots of shopping bags. Quite an awesome souvenir from Turkey.

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Reviewed by Africans   December 25, 2019

We went on tour to Turkey and Ephesus from 19 / 27 November. We went to Caliga Pelle leather store with Pienti. The fashion show was amazing we bought a 2 leather jacket. A good place to buy some Italian designed stylish leather jackets. Great selections of Caliga Pelle and high quality.

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