Are You A Solitude-Seeker or Bright-Light Chaser?

Are You A Solitude-Seeker or Bright-Light Chaser

When booking your holiday what do you keep in mind? Is convenience a factor? Is relaxation?

Too often travellers have a big decision to make. Cities offer all modern conveniences and often host all the most popular amusements, historical sites and largest selection of restaurants and clubs. Natural environments offer vast stunning landscapes untouched by humans, turquoise oceans and often a more authentic cultural experience. What type of destination thrills you the most?

What kind of a traveller are you?

Do you hunt for the electric buzz of a bustling city or instead search for a remote island away from modern conveniences? Perhaps your preference is decided by which environment you live or grew up in?

Modern cities are a hubbub of energy, 24-hour pockets of action drawing a younger crowd optimistic for endless job possibilities, a never-ending social life and the promise of a brighter, definite future. Tourists flock to both old and new cities for traditional architecture, amusement resorts and a variety of cuisines. The city which never sleeps is an assault on all the senses, each city offering us a new and unique cultural experience.

However, the reality can sometimes be quite different. The crowds which inspire excitement and we draw energy from turn into queues and the endless possibilities of 24-hour life squashed by lack of sleep. The daily commuters instead of energised and friendly can seem flat and worn down by the pressures from their urban jungle. Mobile phones in hand, earphones plugged in, the surrounding tower blocks unobserved due to the never-ending torrents from technology.

In contrast, when visiting a small village visitors often comment on the happiness of the locals, despite their lower incomes and lack of apparent entertainment. Natural environments are often prescribed to cure mental health issues: 'fresh air' and 'sea breeze' is claimed to resolve all manner of physical and mental ailments. Lush, green fields, sandy beaches and turquoise coasts are advertised everywhere as the perfect break from the normality of life.

How long could you last with poor-connecting Wi-Fi?

In today's' society where every holiday is an opportunity to impress on social media, can we even be kept entertained without electrical devices?

Have we come so far into the world of technology that a constant need for digital information could ruin the perfect getaway? Could you handle the inconvenience of markets closed on Sundays, public transport intermittent and unreliable and lack of Twenty-first Century attractions?

Whichever your preference, both cities and nature have the ability to leave us awestruck by the unrivalled abilities of both humanity and mother nature.

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