Budget or No Budget!

Like a friend of mine says, travelling is on almost everyone’s bucket list nowadays. For some people, budget travel is their only way to fulfil their dream of seeing the world and for others, budget travel is their choice to prove that they can handle it as a challenge. Truth be told, you can still see the world with little or without budget!

Information is the most important factor when you plan a budget travel. Your sources of information and the tips of your personal budget travel will benefit others to no end. Please click here to share it with the world.

Tips for Saving Money in Phuket

The mesmerizing beauty of Thailand appeals every eye and people want to come once in their lives. However, the low accommodation rates and cheap travel fares make it the first choice of tourists. In order to make your private tour lucrative and fun-full, make sure that you’re using your money wisely, cut down the unnecessary needs and spend it on enjoyable things. There are some money saving ways that can help you in Phuket and let you make your trip memorable. Read More
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Visiting Paris on a Budget

Paris is the first priority of many tourists because of its rich culture and modern living standards. It’s present in the list of most luxurious places where one should take ample amount of money to spend some days. Both budget tours and private tours can become lucrative with savvy planning. You can trim big bucks from your budget travel by indicating affordable and comfy transport, restaurants, and hotels. Here are some easy and effective tips which let you save money in the City of Lights and allow you to explore the city more than you ever expected. Read More
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