Beaches, one of the gifts from the planet of Earth

I bet you probably have learned this fact in your grade school: approximately 71 % of the Earth surface is covered by water, and about 95% of the Earth’s water is in the oceans. Thanks to this gift from the planet of Earth, we have countless breathtaking beaches in the world to enjoy our life.

Be it a public beach or a private one, beaches always have a lot of fun to offer. However, if you are into some quiet relaxation, a private beach is a better choice. If you wish to expand your beach experience further, a private tour with a private tour guide licensed in various water sports such as diving can show you more of conservation areas, the flora, and the fauna, or a great fun in spearfishing. Just click here to ADD your fun beach experience.

Top 10 Best Beaches With Crystal Clear Waters Over the World

These are essentially the most pristine beaches in the world. In this ranking, we present this list of the ten most beaches with magnificent waters from the world, A heavenly journey. Read More
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Finding Your Private Beach

Every country in the world has wonderful beaches. Australia, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the isles of Polynesia all boast beautiful and exotic beaches. Florida, California, Hawaii, the Carolinas, and the Gulf of Mexico are havens for U. S. beach goers. Britain, Norway, Denmark, China, and less well known beaches can be a unique experience. Read More
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Best Beaches to Visit in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a land which gives you an opportunity to visit and experience different beautiful beaches. Rio de Janeiro is a lively place, entertains thousands of people every day. Read More
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Thailand Beaches, Vertiable Paradise for Fun Lovers

Thailand is the land of natural beauty and known as the land of smiles. Thailand’s tropical beaches are the main reason of many private tours to Thailand, which are full of sugary white sand, crystal water, and marine life. Here are some world-class beaches present in Thailand, promise you give immense ways of enjoyment. Read More
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How To Make The Most Of Trips To Beaches

There are some phenomenal beaches around the globe – whether you stay local or you decide to travel to the other side of the planet, beaches can be extremely relaxing. You want to make sure that you make the most of your trip so that you can have an incredible memory. Read More
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The Paradise of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic

Welcome to the home of the Caribbean’s tallest mountain, as well as its largest lake and lowest elevation point. Welcome to the place that was the first home to a cathedral, a castle, and a monastery in all of the Americas. With its beautiful beaches, historic destinations, and world class golf resorts, the Dominican Republic truly is the “paradise of the Caribbean”. Read More
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Amazing Experiences in Mykonos

Mykonos is an amazing and exciting island of Greek which has a lot of fun stuff for its visitors. The natural beauty, delicious food, attractive landscapes and shiny sand are some reasons of the increased island trips in the area while it offers innumerable enjoyment opportunities to tourists in the historical old town. Read More
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