Experience Great Festivals And Events With Private Tours

Experience Great Festivals And Events With Private Tours

The best way to experience the rich cultural heritage of a given destination is by participating in any of its lively festivals. In the world today, there are numerous cultural events that are unique in their own different ways. A few of these festivals and events have been aligned here to some common group tour itineraries. 

If you want to get fully immersed in some colorful local cultures around the world, it will be nice you time to plan a private tour for any one of these events. Although these may not match with the specific festival you may have in mind yet it will be nice you featured in it. 

Songkran Festival Tour

This festival tour is an event that marks the Thai New Year in Chiang Mai. The city of Bangkok is responsible for its hosting from start to finish. This event always presents a time to meet with colorful tribe people of the north, popular World War II sites and ancient ruins to explore. 

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is highly known to be ever-alluring. It is popularly Grand Palace which is known as the spiritual and religious heart of the city is a great place to visit where the golden stupas top its complex. The coronation site is home to the famous Emerald Buddha

Cherry Blossom Festival

This festival is only held when the cherry trees blossom in springtime. During this time, some of the most beautiful gardens in the country can be visited while the famous Spring Geisha Dances in Kyoto can be witnessed on this special departure. 

Few minutes away from the lively Ginza shopping district is a tranquil garden known a Hamarikyutel-en where a relaxing stroll can be taken. The Sumida River is a great place to take a cruise. Also, feel free to explore the precincts of Meiji Shrine

The festival creates an uncommon opportunity to visit one of the most iconic landmarks of Tokyo - the Matsumoto Castle. Also, right in the heart of the Hida Mountains is a charming town that is well known throughout the whole of JapanTakayama

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a common event that is famous in Suzhou. This festival provides amazing views and delightful taste of a fantastic journey through the great China city. No other city in the world provides such colorful display of beautifully decorated boats racing to the end. 

Right in the magnificent Chinese capital is the sprawling Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City is famously known as a “city within a city”. It used to be the sole preserve of the ancient Chinese emperors. At this festival, you get a chance of enjoying some amazing activities such as spinning ropes, juggling hoops, swinging ropes, some Chinese acrobatic performances, and human pyramids. 

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Reviewed by Aaliyah   April 06, 2016

Nice and clear introduction for some typical festivals of many countries. Songkran Festival impressed me the most. If I had chance I will go visit Thailand during the Songkran Festival to experience the different atmosphere of New Year celebration. It will be very delightful I think!

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