You Know You Are Truly Alive Among the Lions on Tour in Tanzania

On our Safari Sighseeing tour in Arusha with our fabulous guide.

While wandering around some of Tanzania’s best national parks, it taught me a lot of things, most importantly to stay so quiet and perfectly still when an elephant is brushing past your tent wow!.


 Tanzania Wildlife, Ngorongoro Crater

I have never seen so much precious and magnificent wildlife encounters as I did here in Tanzania on a private tour.  If you love animals, then I highly recommend a safari guided tour on the Serengeti. After spending some time in the beautiful Zanzibar City with our tour guide, I knew I had barely scratched the surface of this incredible and immense country. 

If you are going all that way, it would be a shame not to stay for at least two weeks and if possible even longer. If you don't give yourself enough time or pack your schedule too tightly, you’ll be sorry.  I’d say give yourself at least 3-4 days for the bigger parks and at least 1-2 days for the smaller ones.  Lions and leopards are undoubtedly said to be the big prize on safari tours, but focusing all your energy and time on seeing some of the big five can mean you may miss the bigger picture of the complex ecosystems and the diversity of Tanzania. 

Group of Zebras in Serengeti National Park

For me, the actual real thrill of going on the safari were the jackals, genet cats, bush babies, honey badgers, chameleons, reed frogs, ant lions, water monitors and the birds, which are colourful and vibrant, in fact most of the parks in Tanzania have a staggering average of 400-500 different bird species!

Climbing Kilimanjaro at Mt Kilimanjaro National Park is a big must (at least some of it) believe me If I can do it, then anybody can do it. Even if your not that interested in conquering Africa’s tallest peak, you should still really consider going just for a days hike near the base and also visit Moshi. It’s a stunning national park and is well worth a visit just to see the landscapes and the rare trees, plants and animals that surround this, mountain. 

The Main Entry Gate of the Famous Serengeti National Park

Tanzania is not only famous for its safaris, but I also experienced the beat of Africa with a great tour guide on Arusha's Mount Meru. With the bustling markets, I found plenty of souvenirs that will always remind me of this amazing city. Just look out for the crazy moped riders! Most of all, I just want to say have fun! I know I did. 

Roadside market with handmade traditional souvenirs in Arusha

I cannot thank all the helping hands enough for all the help I had on my holiday in Tanzania. I really could not have done any of this alone, and to all the amazing people who helped me "Asante Sana." 

Jackie S.G

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