Spot the Hiding Leopard on Safari Tours in South Luangwa National Park

A safari tour in South Luangwa National Park will lead you places where you can spot the leopards as they hide in trees and vegetation. Leopards are only one of many species found here.

Regarded by experts to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, South Luangwa National Park is now famous for the exciting walking safari tours.

Walking Safaris are becoming the best way to experience the wilderness in Africa in a more personal and intimate way. You get to see first hand how animals behave in their own habitat and with this park having some 60 different animal species and over 400 varied different bird species, there is a lot to see.

There is an intense gathering of animals around the banks of the Luangwa River and oxbow lagoons, so a boat safari is exceptional if you get the opportunity to go on one.  Read More...

Take a Night Drive Game Safari Tour to See the Nocturnal Creatures

Spot the Hiding Leopard on Safari Tours in South Luangwa National Park

The are numerous different safari tours to go on in the South Luangwa National Park such as the night game safari tours, daytime game safari tours, walking safari tours, birdwatching safaris and boat safari tours.

On any of these safaris the type of animals and bird you can expect to see include hippos, elephants, antelopes, baboons, buffalo, zebra, kudu, red-faced yellow billed storks, marabou storks, great white egrets and black headed herons to name but a few. Along the river bed watch out for the crocodiles as they float around in readiness to pounce on food!

Top 8 Things to Do in South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park Walking Safari
1 A safari tour that is getting very popular in South Luangwa National Park is the walking safari tour. Lead by experienced rangers and guides, you get to walk deep into the heart of the park and along the river banks. All the while exploring and looking out for all the amazing animals. During the dry season, it is spectacular to see up close all the animals gather around the riverbank.
Boat Safari on South Luangwa River
2 When you are visiting South Luangwa National Park, take the boat safari tour along the South Luangwa River. The best time for these tours is during the wet season as the river is a lot fuller. There are plenty of hippos and crocodiles to see as they lurk along the river banks. Also, the possibility to see a few elephants is high, but the scenery is stunning, lush and verdant from the rainwater.
Birdwatching Safari tours in Sth Luangwa
3 Due to there being over 400 different species of bird, birdwatching safari tours are excellent in South Luangwa National Park. Obviously, these tours are very popular with avid bird lovers, but it is still a great experience for anyone. An ornithologist is with you the entire safari pointing out all the rare and wonderful birds. Again the wet season is best for these safari tours.
Game Drives in Sth Luangwa National Park
4 The traditional safari tour, game drives, are still a fantastic experience when you are in South Luangwa National Park. If you take the morning game drive safari tour, you leave early to see the sunrise and all the animals starting their day. The afternoon game drive will continue until sunset and that is a sight not to be missed. The Rangers know all the best places to see the most exciting animals.
Night Game Drive Safari Tours
5 Some of the most spectacular sights of animals is during the night and a Night Game Drive Safari Tour in South Luangwa National Park is one of the best. You see the animals settling in for the night or the nocturnal creatures just starting their day. Around where the Leopards live, there are spotlights, so you get to properly see these fantastic animals as they lay around in trees watching everything!  
Kawaza Village Tour
6 Take a guided tour to the outskirts of South Luangwa National Park and visit the Kapaza Village. This village is home to the Kunda Tribe and it is here you can learn all about culture and traditions of this tribe. When you are here, there is a possibility to stay in an authentic African thatched hut. The locals in the village are now used to visitors and are very welcoming to all.
Bush Spa in South Luangwa National Park
7 What could be better after a long, exciting game drive safari tour than visiting the Bush Spa which is found in the heart of the National Park. All treatments used by the therapists are based on traditional ingredients and uses such as exfoliating using coffee or having a deep cleanse with Marula. The moisturisers are Sausage Tree or Baobab Masks. Very rejuvenating.  
Photographic Safari Tours
8 When you see the magnificent scenery and views, it is not surprising that there is actually a Photographic Safari tour in South Luangwa National Park. All the best spots for photographers to take that perfect picture have been well researched and tried out, so all you need to do is take the picture. From the amazing animals and stunning sunsets and sunrises, the results are fantastic.

Travel Tips for South Luangwa National Park

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