Kafue National Park for a Thrilling, Majestic Private Safari Tour

When you are in Zambia, then you have to take a thrilling and majestic safari tour of its oldest and largest National Park, Kafue.

Located in the western part of Zambia, just 2 hours from the town of Livingstone, it covers approximately 22,400 km squared and surprisingly is largely unexplored and remains one of the less known national parks in the country.

There is a very good possibility that this will not be the case in years to come, however, as the park is now being well managed and there is an increase in great and accommodating facilities for tourists who come here for private safari tours. Even the roads and airstrips are being created or improved.

The diversity of landscape has, in turn, created a diversity of wildlife and vegetation, so there are lots and lots to see on any of the many safari tours available here.

Let the activities begin!
6 Days Kafue and Victoria Falls Luxury Safari
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This luxury wildlife and adventure safari feature two of the top destinations in African the famous Kafue National Park and the Magic Victoria Falls the home of adventure.

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6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kafue National Park
7 Days Best of Zambia Safari – Kafue & South Luangwa National Park
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This itinerary features two of the top prime wildlife area in Africa, Kafue National Park the second largest in Africa and also the stunning South Luangwa Paradise.

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7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kafue National Park
Balloon Flights in Kafue National Park
1 To take a sightseeing balloon flight tour in Kafue National Park is amazing. You get to see the entire park in all its glory, even areas that have not been touched by the human hand. See all the animals as they gallop in herds or just laze around grazing. The views are spectacular and you see the national park from a whole different perspective.There is a thrill about this tour in a balloon!
Walking Safari tours in Kafue National Park
2 Not sure whether it is because the people are getting braver but for some reason walking safari tours are very popular all over Zambia and Kafue National Park is no different. Enjoy an intimate and personal experience on a walking tour where you get much closer to the animals than you do on the game drives. The Rangers with you are well experienced and have your safety in mind always.
Kafue National Park Boat Safari Tours
3 When you are in Kafue National Park, then take a boat safari tour along the Kafue River. From the boat, if timed right, you have a fantastic vantage point to see the game as they gather around the riverbanks especially during the dry season. Watch out for the crocodiles and hippos as they lurk in the water along the riverbank. There are the fabulous array of birds to be seen too.
Night Game Drives in Kafue National Park
4 There are game drives and then there are Night Game Drive Safari Tours which are even more exciting and exhilarating. It is a wonderful way to see the nocturnal animals that you do not see during the day. The Rangers and guides know exactly where to go to get the best sights and when it is all done under the bright night stars, it is a unique and wonderful experience.
Kafue National Park Birds
5 In Kafue National Park, there are many specialist Birdwatching Safari Tours. Due to the park having over 494 bird species this safari tour is a must for all bird loving enthusiasts. These safari tours are led by bird experts who tell you all you need to know about the rare and unusual birds that you get to see in your travels. The wet season is when you get the most out of the bird safari tours.
Fishing in Kafue National Park
6 There are very good fishing tours in the waters of Kafue National Park. Not only do you get to fish for the likes of Bream, Barbel or Pike to name just a few, but you also get to see the sights of the park from the water. It is a very relaxing tour when you go on a fishing tour and a brilliant way to fill a day or just a few hours. If you stay out until it gets dark, you will witness a stunning sunset.
Canoeing or kayaking in Kafue River
7 For the brave and adventurous explorer visiting Kafue National Park, there is a canoeing/kayaking safari tour which you can take. This is where you get real close to the likes of hippos and crocodiles as you are sharing their space. This is a very safe tour believe it or not as you are guided by professional rangers who stir you away from any danger they think there might be.
Photographic Safaris Kafue National Park
8 If you are an eager photographer or just like taking good photos, there is a professional photographer that will bring you out on a photographic Safari tour. He is there to set you up in the right areas and positions to take the best photos possible of this wonderful national park and its amazing animals, birds and vegetation. Sunset and Sunrises are the most popular times for the safari tours.

Travel Tips for Kafue National Park