Livingstone on a Private Tour to Visit the Tourist Capital of Zambia

Regarded as the tourist capital of Zambia, take a private tour of Livingstone which is close to the famous Victoria Falls.

The town is named after the explorer Dr David Livingstone who, being Scottish, was the first European to see the Falls and who named it Victoria Falls after the reigning British Queen in 1855.

This charming town which was once the capital of Northern Rhodesia is now a quiet town that has become the base for many travellers from all over the world who have come to explore Victoria Falls one of the wonders of the world.

There are many sightseeing tours or guided tours to take where you can explore and learn the history and culture found in Livingstone. Visit the numerous museums, see the stunning old architecture still standing a hundred years on, admire the amazing art and crafts produced in the town or sample the tasty native food.

Let the activities begin!
3 Nights Mighty Victoria Falls in Livingstone
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Welcome to Zambia! This tour gives you the opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of the world, the mighty Victoria Falls in Livingstone.

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4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
Victoria Falls and South Luangwa National Parks Safari 6 Day Tour
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This 6 days package combines wonderful views of the Victoria Falls with seeing the magnificent top-class wildlife safaris found in the South Luangwa National Park.

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6 days Scheduling Shared Tour South Luangwa National Park
Livingstone & Lower Zambezi 6 Day Zambia Safari
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You will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful mighty Victoria falls - one of the seven wonders of the world and Lower Zambezi National Park.

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Price varies by dates
6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
4 Days – The Mighty Victoria Falls Safari - Zambia
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This Itinerary gives the opportunity to experience the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls and the amazing wildlife found the Chobe National Park in Botswana.

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Price varies by dates
4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
Affordable 7 Days Zambia Safari, Victoria Falls and South Luangwa National Park
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Have a great opportunity to combine magnificent top-class wildlife safaris found in South Luangwa National Park, with wonderful views of the Mighty Victoria Falls.

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7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
8 Days Stunning Zambia Safari Tour
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Experience the amazing Victoria Falls one the seven natural wonders of the world, Lake the Kariba and the famous South Luangwa National Park.

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8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
The Livingstone Museum
1 On a guided tour of the Livingstone Museum, you are visiting the oldest and biggest museum in Zambia which dates back as far as the 1930’s. The museum is split into sections on archaeology, ethnography, art and history. In one of the oldest libraries found in the museum, there are journals by Dr Livingstone, his old maps along with an extensive book collection. This museum was set up as a memorial to Dr Livingstone.
Victoria Falls
2 Take one of the numerous sightseeing tours to Victoria Falls. One of the seven natural wonders of the world and possibly the most impressive place to visit anywhere in the world. Forming the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, see it from above on a helicopter tour or from special vantage points such as the Knife-edge Bridge, Falls Bridge, Lookout Tree and Devils Pool. All these places offer superb panoramic views.
Livingstone Reptile Park
3 Be fascinated when you take a guided tour of Livingstone Reptile Park. It is here you can see the most notorious reptiles living in Livingstone. Many of the reptiles found in this park have been brought here because they were posing a danger, not only to people but also to themselves. See the vast collection of angry looking crocodiles and dangerous venomous snakes in habitats that are replicas to their natural ones.
Victoria Falls Bridge
4 The Victoria Falls Bridge deserves its own guided tour and not be part of the sightseeing tour of Victoria Falls. This bridge which crosses the Zambezi is the only rail link between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Construction began in 1904 and it was officially opened 14 months later. It is listed in the American Society of Civil Engineers as a historic civil engineering landmark. It is so impressive to travel along.
Elephant Back Safari
5 A unique safari tour to take when you are in Livingstone is the Elephant Back Safari tour in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park located on the outskirts of the town of Livingstone. You get to ride tamed wild elephants and see close up the other wild animals in the national park. The elephants are each under the charge of a handler who makes sure your tour is everything you hoped it would be.
Railway Museum Livingstone
6 The railway museum of Livingstone is a very interesting guided tour to take. There are beautiful 19th-century locomotives to learn about, explore and climb aboard. Also found in the same place is the Gateway Jewish Museum which gives you an insight into the Jewish community who settled in Livingstone in the 1890’s after fleeing Lithuania. There was an influx of immigrants from Europe for the next 50 years including around WWII.
Lion and Cheetah Walks, Mukuni
7 This is a fantastic and totally unique experience to anyone that lives in a city. In the Mukuni Research Centre, you get the opportunity to walk and interact with Cheetahs and Lions in the bush. This centre conserves and breeds the threatened Cheetah through understanding and education. It is a real privilege to be able to walk with these amazing animals on this fascinating safari tour.
Canoeing Safari Tours on Zambezi
8 Enjoy a peaceful canoeing safari tour on the Zambezi River. It is probably the best way to appreciate all the beauty and wildlife found along the Zambezi River. You are with experienced canoeists and qualified Rangers to keep you safe and guide you to the best places to see elephants, hippos, or buffalo. Also, watch out for the kingfishers hovering above or fish eagle.
Batoka Gorge
9 When you take a sightseeing tour to Batoka Gorge which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe, you will be drawn to all the water activities. The best of which is Whitewater Rafting. You are sailing down the whitewater rapids at great speed and the excitement is at a high. There are experienced guides on the raft stirring the boat to make sure you are safe at all times but still having the exhilaration and thrill.
River Cruises from Livingstone
10 Take a river cruise safari tour on the African Queen. Cruise on the waters of the Zambezi River in Livingstone. See the wonderful wildlife from the boat as they gather along the river banks or in the case of the crocodiles lurking close to the boat. It is a wonderful relaxing tour to enjoy for a few hours and you get to meet other tourists and exchange stories on safari tours.

Travel Tips for Livingstone