Private Tour of Victoria Falls to See and Experience a Natural Wonder

Experience and see one of the seven natural wonders of the world when you take a private tour of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya - The Smoke that Thunders - in Zambia and is a spectacular cascade located in Southern Africa. It is on the Zambezi River which forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

When you take a sightseeing tour here, you will completely understand why it is known as the world's greatest curtain of falling water. During the height of the rain season, columns of spray are seen from miles away. Not surprising when over 500 million cubic meters of water plummets over the edge per minute, spread across almost 2 kilometres wide into a gorge approximately 100 meters below.

The force of the cascades down the cliff transforms the Zambezi from a calm river into a fierce and powerful torrent which cuts through many dramatic gorges.

Let the activities begin!
7 Days South Luangwa & Victoria Falls Safari – Zambia
2 reviews

This Itinerary gives you the opportunity to experience the abundance of wildlife found in South Luangwa National Park. The Victoria Falls will also offer the best experience.

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Price varies by dates
7 days Scheduling Shared Tour South Luangwa National Park
6 Days Camping South Luangwa & Victoria Falls
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This Tour combines two of top most famous areas the South Luangwa National Park best known for its abundance of wildlife and Victoria falls one of the world’s Seven Wonders.

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6 days Scheduling Shared Tour South Luangwa National Park
6 Days Kafue and Victoria Falls Luxury Safari
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This luxury wildlife and adventure safari feature two of the top destinations in African the famous Kafue National Park and the Magic Victoria Falls the home of adventure.

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6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kafue National Park
8 Days Stunning Zambia Safari Tour
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Experience the amazing Victoria Falls one the seven natural wonders of the world, Lake the Kariba and the famous South Luangwa National Park.

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8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Livingstone
Microlight Flight over Victoria Falls
1 As activities go, this is the one where you get to see all of Victoria Falls on one sightseeing tour. From the sky, you get to look down on the cascades and fully understand why Victoria Falls was named one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The light aircraft is very safe and the pilot gets you as close as possible, so close the sprays of water hit the plane but so worth the thrill with the impressive views.  
Devil’s Pool
2 You need to take a guided tour to reach this magnificent natural infinity pool called The Devil's Pool which is located beside Livingstone Island. The views are breathtaking and it is certainly a unique experience. The Pool is not accessible every month of the year, typically it opens from around mid-August to mid-January, but it all depends on the water levels of the Zambezi River.  
Elephant Back Safaris
3 As Victoria Falls is also Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, why not go on an elephant back safari tour. The elephants were once wild but are now tamed and very well looked after. You get the impression from them that they enjoy the safari as much as you do. It is a fantastic way to see the other animals roaming the National Park and thanks to the elephants; you get much closer to them. There is a specialised guide for each elephant.  
Quad and Mountain Bike Activity Tour
4 Quad and Mountain Bike tours are very popular in Victoria Falls. Along the gorges and to the cliffs there are great tracks to take. It is an exciting way to tour the area and you can stop at all the great viewing points to take in the breathtaking scenery. The guides that go along with you will go as fast or as slow as you want and are there to make sure everything goes ok and you don’t get lost.  
Walking Safaris in Mosi-oa-Tunya
5 Everyone should go on a Walking Safari whenever they are visiting a national park. It is the best way to see the animals as you get to be much closer them than you would if you were in a jeep. The animals do not seem to get a spooked as much when you slowly enter their territory. The Rangers with you are on hand should anything spook the animals, so you are completely safe.
Gorge Swing or Zip Line Batoka Gorge
6 For the extreme thrill seeker when they are on a sightseeing tour of Batoka Gorge, there is the opportunity to go on the Gorge Swing or Zip Line across the Gorge. It is possible to go with a friend in tandem if you do not want to do it along. The height from which you look down is amazing and makes every nerve in your body tingle sometimes in fear but mostly with excitement.
Fishing on the Zambezi River
7 Another excellent way to spend a day is on a fishing tour on the Zambezi River. The type of fish you can catch include the famous Tiger Fish, Upper Zambezi Yellowish, African Pike, Yellow Belly Bream and Silver Barbel. There are reportedly over 75 fish species in the Zambezi River. All tours are with experienced anglers, so even you never fished before, they are there o teach you.
River Cruise on the Zambezi River
8 Take a river cruise safari tour on the African Queen. Cruise on the calm waters of the Zambezi River and watch out for the incredible wildlife from the boat as they gather along the river banks or in the case of the crocodiles lurk close to the boat. It is a wonderful relaxing and very peaceful tour to enjoy for a few hours and you get to meet other tourists and exchange stories on safari tours.
Mukuni Village Experience
9 An excellent way to learn about the traditions and cultures of the village locals is by going on a guided tour to Mukuni Village. This is a Royal village which has been around since the 13th century. Up to 7,000 Leya people live here and it is from them you get a glimpse into how they have lived for generations, their customs and their beliefs. The Chief of the village personally guides you around the village.  
Walk the Cheetahs in Mukuni
10 This is a fantastic and totally unique experience to anyone that lives in a city. In the Mukuni Research Centre, you get the opportunity to walk and interact with Cheetahs and Lions in the bush. This centre conserves and breeds the threatened Cheetah through understanding and education. It is a real privilege to be able to walk with these amazing animals on this fascinating safari tour.

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