Lusaka on a Private Tour for Safari Tours One Day and Markets the Next

As a diverse city, when you visit Lusaka on a private tour you ca enjoy adventurous safari tours one day and a market day the next.

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and is a growing city with new buildings popping up all over. However just on the outskirts of the city is a Wildlife Park and Sanctuary, Botanical Gardens and the Lilayi Elephant Nursery.

Markets are a hive of activity for the city. There are daily markets where thousand of stalls are full of everything from food, clothing to motor parts. Lusaka City Market is the main one and thankfully tourists don’t get hassled too much.

Other Markets in Lusaka are the Soweto Market, Sunday Craft Market and the Northmead Market.

To learn the culture and history of this city then you have to take a guided tours of the Lusaka National Museum, art galleries, the Moore Potter Factory or the Kabwata Cultural Village.

Let the activities begin!
5 Nights/6 Days Great Zambezi Canoeing Safari
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This safari is geared more towards the canoeing enthusiast who is looking for an added element of excitement in the Zambezi River on the Lower Zambezi National Park.

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6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Lusaka
South Luangwa & Lower Zambezi 7 Day Safari
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See Lions, Leopards, Wild Dog, Hyeanas, Elephants, Buffaloes, Zebras, Giraffes, Lots of Bird and many others in South Luangwa National Park.

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Price varies by dates
7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Lusaka
11 Days Extraordinary Zambia Safari & Tour Experience
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A unique and real complete Africa safari and tour with the visit to some of the top national parks in Africa Lower Zambezi National Park and South Luangwa National Park

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Price varies by dates
11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Lusaka
Lilayi Elephant Nursery
1 Not far from the city of Lusaka is the Private Lilayi Game Reserve where you can take a guided tour to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery. This is an Elephant Orphanage Project established to rescue and rehabilitate baby elephants that have been left orphaned and then releasing them back to the wild. It is a great way to get very close to these fabulous animals and it is a very worthwhile project.
The Kalimba Reptile Park
2 Take a guided tour to the Kalimba Reptile Park especially if you have children. These fun tours introduces and educates everyone on snakes, chameleons, crocodiles, tortoises and many other reptiles that are found in the areas surrounding Lusaka and also the rest of Africa. It is a very enjoyable tour for all the family and afterwards, there is a play area for the kids and refreshments on the veranda.
The Lusaka National Museum
3 A really good way to learn about a city, its history and culture in through a guided tour of a museum. The Lusaka National Museum has lots to offer on a guided tour. A permanent exhibition is Archaeology which displays archaeological remains on the human evolution and cultural development. Other exhibits include Science, the culture of food and much much more. There is lots to learn here.
Lusaka National Park
4 Zambia’s newer national park is located just 30km from its capital city Lusaka hence the name Lusaka National Park. This park may be small, but it contains over 1000 species of wildlife which you can see when you go on a game drive safari tour. Some of the wildlife to see include zebra, giraffe, white rhino, waterbuck, impala, eland and hartebeest to name just a few. Walking Safari tours are becoming very popular in this park too.  
Munda Wanga Environmental Park
5 Take a sightseeing tour to the Munda Wanga Environmental Park on the outskirts of Lusaka. This park initially began life as a private garden and is now Zambia’s foremost environmental educational centre. While you are there, see the Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Park and Sanctuary which is sometimes a rescue centre. A visit to this park as a family is great and the best time to visit is feeding time for the animals.  
Nomwande Art Gallery
6 When you take a guided tour to the Nomwande Art Gallery, you are visiting the home of a businessman from Zambia, John Kapotwe, who is an arts patron. He turned his home into a home cum art gallery and very kindly allows tours to visit. Here you will see some of Zambia’s and Africa’s best contemporary art that includes paintings, sculptures and masks.
Freedom Statue Lusaka
7 While you are on a sightseeing tour to the National Museum, be sure to stop and see the Freedom Statue which is around the corner from it. This monument is dedicated to those who during the struggle for independence lost their lives. The statue is of the freedom fighter Zanco Mpundu Mutembo and he has his hands raised showing broken chains.
Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre
8 On a guided tour of the Henry Tayali Visual Art Centre, you will see arts and crafts from the native Zambians. The centre is named after Henery Nkole Tayali who was a multilingual artist that did a lot to raise the profile of indigenous art and crafts in Zambia before his death at the age of 43. Some of the arts and crafts you see here can be bought.
Kabwata Cultural Village
9 A guided tour to the Kabwata Cultural Village in Lusaka is fascinating. This cultural village is made up of around 80 artists from all areas of Zambia who were invited to make the village their home. These are master craftspersons in woodcarving, basket weaving, pottery and much more. Again there is an opportunity to purchase items on display. 
Lusaka City Market
10 When you are in Lusaka or visiting on a sightseeing tour, you should stop at the Lusaka City Market. This now daily market has over a thousand stalls selling everything you can think of and more! There is a variety of fresh food produce in one section and in the other, you can find clothes, jewellery, arts, crafts and much much more. The atmosphere in the market is great.

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