Live It Up and You Will Love the Lively Lisbon on Private Tour

Live it up, and you will love the lively Lisbon on Private Tour.  The capital and urban centre of Portugal, Lisbon, is located in the southern region of the country’s west coastline.

On your Lisbon guided private tour you will see a great mix of museums, cultural buildings, good eclectic music as well as nightlife, and lovely cafés; sit and watch the world go by. 

From June to October, the sun shines 90% of the time which is great for both sightseeing and lounging at the beach.  You will fall in love all over again with your partner as you will with this great city.

Take a guided private tour and head along the winding roads to explore the wine villages and enjoy the spectacular beauty that is Lisbon.  

Try the gourmet food markets or even a Michelin-star restaurant and try some of the tasty traditional food.  Bacalhau a Bras (fish pie), Bacalhau (salted cod) or any of the unlimited fish and you will see why true foodies visit here.    Read More...

On Lisbon Guided Private Tours, See a Great Mix of Museums, Cultural Building, Good Eclectic Music as Well as Nightlife

Live It Up and You Will Love the Lively Lisbon on Private Tour

All you need in Lisbon for love is to visit the many miradouros (lookouts) which are spotted around the city and seven hills.  Picture perfect views of Graca, Castelo and Alfama neighbours will blow you away.  

Take a sightseeing private tour and hill walk to see Lisbon at its best.  Look at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia over the rooftops of the city and feel the love and romance.

The higher upward you go, the more you will see as you head upwards the castle comes into view it is incredible.  If you are with your loved one this is the place to steal a cheeky cuddle.

Lisbon Has These Lovely Things to See and Do

Jardim Botanico
1 This is one of the better public plantations in Lisbon.  In the centre of the city (however hidden off from the surrounding roads), this 10-acre gardening area is unique and peacefull to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bring in a picnic or simply just walk through and thus enjoy the spectacular plants in your private tours of Lisbon.
Bernardo Museum
2 The Berardo Museum bears countless works of art by Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Bacon, Pollock, even more, which represents lots of modern movements.  Even if you are not a fan of contemporary art, you will enjoy this museum and maybe change your mind regarding contemporary artwork.  You will discover over one thousand items right here –ensure sure you keep busy for a couple of hours.
Castle of Saint George
3 Positioned in the historical part of the city, this is one of the highlights on sightseeing private tours in Lisbon.  The oldest areas of the castle were built in the 2nd-century, and while many of it had been ruined over time, a very long extension of wall space, as well as eighteen towers.  You could climb the walls as well as take photos of the town from here in your private tours of Lisbon.
Praça to Do Comércio
4 Lisbon’s colossal square is located along the riverfront which is a photographers dream location and a must-visit destination. In 2010 it was refurbished, it’s well-known for two marble columns that were previously the section of the royal palace. The location has become a haven for people-watching or maybe sitting down with a yummy gelato.
The Ancient City
5 Alfama The Ancient City is the historic part of Lisbon.  Full of narrow and winding roads which make it a bewildering place to wander around.   Walk the maze of roadways, discovering little squares, concealed alleys, and also long-abandoned houses while looking at natives go on about their lives. The region around the castle is wonderful however a bit touristy.  Try a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and taste the real Lisbon.
Se De Lisboa Cathedral
6 Constructed on the grounds of an old mosque; the cathedral was put together to commemorate the overwhelmed or perhaps the defeat of the Moors in the mid-1100s.  While strolling around on a private tour you will be taken to the Cathedral, and it was worth it.  Enjoy the calm on your visit to this beautiful cathedral.
Sun See and Rooftops
7 Lisbon bears several beautiful beaches where you can lay under the warm summer sunshine and have some rest and relaxation.  You can ride the elevators that are widely used by tourists to see certain points of interest on Lisbon’s amazing rooftops. The Elevador de Santa Justa is a century-old lift usually driven by steam but is now upgraded to electric is a must see on your guided private tours.   
Tram Rides
8 Lisbon possesses those traditional trams which make you really feel as though you are living at the turn of the 20th century.  Relax and ride through the ancient and well-worn roads of the town and enjoy the incredible pleasure.  View a Fado display – Fado, the neighbourhood songs, is better seen in Alfama. There are plenty of locations down next to Santa Apolonia metro stop however where so ever you go in Lisbon; there is certainly a Fado bar. 
Discoveries Monument
9 Inaugurated in 1960 The Monuments to the Discoveries represents the 500-year anniversary of the Passing away of Henry the Navigator.  It happens to be shaped akin to a ship’s bow as well as projects out above the rivers across the Tagus. The areas within the monument harbour small nonpermanent exhibitions giving you the ability to go to the seventh floor where you could keep a watchful eye to the Atlantic on a tour of this spot.
Belem Tower Systems
10 The Belem Tower system is Lisbon’s most famous emblem, created 1515 initially being a lighthouse.  On your guided private tour see the entire complex, comprised of a Four-Story tower system. The tower has Gothic spiritual status, standard aspects of Manueline design, along with the Portuguese coat of arms that can be viewed on the major facade.

Travel Tips for Lisbon

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