Combination of History and Charm on Fascinating Faro Sightseeing Tours

Experience the combination of lots of history with an abundance of charm when you go on fascinating Faro sightseeing tours. There is so much to see in this city and surrounding areas of the Algarve.

The Cultural tours Faro offers are plentiful with many interesting and delightful historic places to visit. This includes the historic centre which is encircled by ancient city walls. This is also an area to be explored when on Faro Walking tours as it also has pedestrianised shopping streets and serene plazas.

One of the varied boat Tours Faro provides is of the Ria Formosa Nature Park which is a series of saltwater lagoons and mudflats. It is also a great place for excellent Faro birdwatching tours as it is a haven for migratory birds and other wildlife.

Due to where it is located, it is possible to go on many private Faro tours to nearby towns and attractions such as Albufeira and Lagos.

By day the city of Faro has an unhurried ambience, but at night it is a bustling haven of activity with bars and nightclubs coming to life!

Let the activities begin!
Algarve Full-Day Jeep Safari Tour with Lunch from Albufeira
0 reviews

Discover a hidden part of the Algarve on a full-day 4WD Jeep safari in the countryside. Visit ancient villages and Arab castles, take in scenic views of waterfalls and streams

7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Faro
Half-Day Algarve Jeep Safari from Albufeira
0 reviews

Journey through the picturesque villages, orange groves and dense cork forests of the Algarve on a half-day jeep safari from Albufeira. Sample the gastronomical delights too.

4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Faro
Algarve Sunset Jeep Safari Tour from Albufeira
0 reviews

Discover the Algarve countryside aboard a 4WD Jeep. This sunset tour highlights the most beautiful landscapes, regional architecture and gastronomical tastes of Algarve.

5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Faro
3 Hour Ria Formosa Sailing Trip From Faro
0 reviews

Join a sailing boat trip in the Ria Formosa with a skipper for 3 hours. Be an active part of it, as the skipper will teach and help you perform some of the sailing skills.

3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Faro
Birdwatching around Faro
0 reviews

Let's discover the wetlands by Faro airport you see from the plane before landing. This place is full of wildlife, especially birds!

3 to 4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Algarve
Algarve 3 hour Catamaran Fun Cruise
0 reviews

Beautiful Coastal cruise on a modern and spacious sailing catamaran along the caves and beaches of Ponta da Piedade, Porto de Mós and Praia da Luz.

3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Faro
Faro Cathedral
1 Built in 1251, visit this beautiful monument with cultural tours Faro. Faro cathedral was originally built upon a former mosque and became a cathedral in 1577. Climb its square Gothic tower which was remodelled after the 1755 earthquake and enjoy the spectacular views over Faro’s streets. Most of the interior is Baroque and altarpieces in gilt carved wood.The eighteenth-century organ is one of the oldest in the country.
Ria Formosa Nature Park
2 Let one of the boat tours Faro offers take you on a beautiful cruise in the Ria Formosa Nature Park. In the lagoon, you will see the Desert Island and pass by charming, picturesque villages. Relax and soak up the sun as you watch the local fishermen haul in their catch on this idyllic, full or half-day tour, and you will be astounded by the many species of birds and other wildlife that you will encounter along the way.
3 Enjoy one of the private Faro tours and take a trip to the town of Albufeira. This town is the largest of resort towns on the Algarve coastline aswell as the most liveliest and energetic. It has certainly transformed from the fishing village it once was but still keeps its charm. On a full day tour here, there is an extensive range of activities to do, sightseeing or just relaxing on the stunning beaches.
Faro Quad Bike Tours
4 Enjoy a day out with Faro Quad tours and go off-road taking spectacular routes, riding through streams and usually stopping off to try some local cuisine. Your tour can be tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements, so whether you are a novice or an expert, there will be a trail to suit you. Quad bike tours make for a great family day out and there will always be chances to stop for some great photo opportunities.
Old Town Faro and Marina
5 Old Town Faro and marina are definitely worth a visit with Faro sightseeing tours; with its whitewashed houses, back alleys and plenty of historic sites, this tour will give you an insight into old Faro. Although much of the old walls have now gone, you will still see enough to be impressed. This is the place to be for relaxing with a drink and look out at the sailing boats over the as well as doing a little people watching.
The Capela dos Ossos
6 The Capela dos Ossos is decorated with bones, skulls and entire bodies hanging from the walls. Let Faro sightseeing tours take you and show you the 5,000 corpses inside the chapel. There is a small white coffin by the altar which holds the bones of the three Franciscan monks who founded the church. Back in the 16th century, there were 43 cemeteries which took up a lot of land, hence the monks built the Chapel and relocated the bones.
Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve
7 The children will love a visit to the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve (Live Science Centre) on Private Faro tours. The kids can take part in interactive games such as an earthquake simulator and climbing up into an observatory for a journey around the universe. There is also a play park for the younger children, but it is not only the children who will learn from this visit, the adults will as well.  
Faro Maritime Museum
8 Cultural tours Faro will take you on an exciting trip to the Maritime Museum. The museum is divided into three parts with each part dedicated to a particular theme. There are ancient charts, navigational instruments and other miscellaneous nautical memorabilia to be seen. Also, see an amazing painting by Carlos Porfirio a respected Algarve artist which depicts an energetic tuna being caught up by a crew of equally wide-eyed fishermen.
Faro Island
9 Enjoy a day at the beach on Faro Island with its crystal clear waters and white sands, the island is a sun seekers dream. For the more adventurous you can try some windsurfing and kitesurfing, canoeing and kayakers This island is the only one that is accessible by car. However, it is only a single-lane bridge and traffic can come to a standstill in the summer months. This is an ideal place for all the family to relax.  
Faro Jewish Heritage Centre
10 Faro Jewish Heritage Centre is from the 19th century and makes for a very poignant visitor attraction. Cultural tours Faro will show this only remaining vestige of post-inquisition Jewish presence. The graves are laid out in the traditional Sephardic manner, which means the children are buried nearest the entrance, women in the centre and men at the back. Most of the people interred were Jews from Gibraltar and Morocco.

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