Go Manic on Volcanic Islands with Azores Sightseeing Tours

Known as Europe's answer to Hawaii, the Azore islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,500 km from Lisbon and about 3,900 km east from New York. Created only 250,000 years ago, the islands are full of natural beauty with lush forests, coloured lakes and, of course, the volcanoes: all waiting for you to go manic on volcanic islands with Azores sightseeing tours.

Take cultural tours Azores to the steaming village of Furnas where slow cooking is taken to a whole new level as stews are lowered into the volcanic ground. Visit the volcanic complex of natural springs where the crater lake heats the thermal pools.

Ever wished you could swim with the dolphins or go whale watching? Make your dreams come true with Azores boat tours where qualified biologists will provide detailed explanations of the type of species you will see.

If you like excitement; climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding are all activities to partake in with adventure tours Azores. Or explore the islands on foot and be amazed by the wildlife, scenery and places of historic interest with Azores walking tours.

Let the activities begin!
São Miguel island: Private & Customizable tour
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Customize your tour in São Miguel Island (Azores) with the aid of a local guide! Enjoy the benefits of touring in a private, comfortable vehicle (a set price for 2-6 people).

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