A Private Tour of the Himalayan Temples of Kathmandu Nepal

Arriving in Kathmandu, with a private tour of the Himalayan Temples see tthe capital city of Nepal, you are brought into a world of exciting experiences, extraordinary sights, mindblowing activities and noise tingling taste and smells. 

With a Private tour, you can venture to the modern world but more importantly take a trip through ancient times. 

Kathmandu is the highest populated city in the Nepalese Himalayas and quickly becoming one of the top ten destinations to travel to in the world. 

The hidden temples, Gardens full of drying chillies and rice and inviting little workshops will have you captivated from the start. 

Kathmandu is a spectacular place to visit for the adventurer, backpacker, and cultural lover alike while also catering for the relaxing sun seekers in the summer months. 

Head to Durbar Square where the real heart and soul of Kathmandu can be seen with its timeless Unesco-listed streets. 

Take a Rickshaw through the alleyways of the old areas of the town enjoying the sights of temples, museums, markets and shops

Let the activities begin!
Private 15 Day Everest Base Camp Trek
9 reviews

Stunning views of Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain. Encounter the legendary Sherpa Culture, Meet Buddhist monks at Thyangboche Monastery with private porter tour.

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41 customer recommendations
15 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
Private 15 Days Everest Base Camp Trek Tour
7 reviews

Private Everest base camp trek is not a name only to be associated with world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest (8848 m) rather it’s fairyland up in the Himalayas.

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$1500.00 Save $240.00
26 customer recommendations
15 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
11 Day Trekking Tour to Explore Nepal (Langtang valley trek)
4 reviews

Journey to the most affected trekking destination of Nepal due to the earthquake of April 2015. Naturally, this is the best, and easy trekking destination for private tours

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$900.00 Save $45.00
20 customer recommendations
6 to days" Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
14 Days Private Gokyo Lake Trek
4 reviews

Avoid the Everest crowds, but enjoy the selection of glacial-fed lakes.Climb Gokyo Ri (5357m) for spectacular views of Everest, Lhotse, & Cho Oyu as your Private tour/trekking

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$1200.00 Save $60.00
16 customer recommendations
10 to 18 days" Scheduling Private Tour Eastern Region
13 days Everest Luxury Panorama Trek overnight at Yeti Mountain Home
3 reviews

Private Everest panorama luxury trek overnight at yeti mountain home trek is five star trekking in Nepal with Nepal Trekking Routes. It's one of the luxury trek in Himalaya

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18 customer recommendations
9 to 13 days" Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
17 Day Private Upper Mustang Trek
3 reviews

Upper Mustang trekking which is often referred as the village behind mountains is the best preserved far away land in the Mustang district of Nepal.

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$2200.00 Save $110.00
14 customer recommendations
14 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
16 Day - Everest Base Camp Trek
3 reviews

Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular 16-day treks in Nepal. It is famous for spectacular mountain views, Khumbu ice-fall, Khumbhu Glacier and Sherpa culture.

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Price varies by group size
11 customer recommendations
16 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
Nepal Adventure Tour - Annapurna Sunrise View Trek With Chitwan Pokhara Tour
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We are pleased to present this private tour package: Annapurna Sunrise View Trek with Jungle Safari, Pokhara Tour and Rafting

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18 customer recommendations
13 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
13-17 Day Private Manaslu Circuit Trek With Larkey La Pass
3 reviews

Private tour to Manaslu, a natural barrier formed between Nepal and the Tibetan plateau. View the World’s 8th highest peak Manaslu. Scenery of landscape and high mountains

From USD
15 customer recommendations
13 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
Private Kathmandu 3 Day 2 Nights World Heritage Sightseeing tour
3 reviews

Our Kathmandu world heritage sightseeing tour takes place within the beautiful Kathmandu valley. Spend 2 nights & 1-day visiting historical and truly stunning attractions.

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9 customer recommendations
3 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
3 Day Chisapani Nagarkot Guided Trek
1 reviews

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking is most comfortable and panoramic view of Kathmandu valley. Chisapani and Nagarkot treks are the famous and easy trek for all the year round.

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1 customer recommendations
3 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
Nepal 2 Nights and 3 Days Helicopter Tour
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Suitable for all ages, all genders and all Nationalities. We serve quality tourism in the Himalayas: within Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

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3 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
Adventures on this 14 Day Everest Base Camp Trek
1 reviews

Everest Base Camp Trek is walking holiday to the base camp of world's tallest mountain Mt. Everest. Trekkers will witness over 2 dozens of mountains and reach up to 5545 m.

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2 customer recommendations
14 days Scheduling Shared Tour Eastern Region
Everest Base Camp Trekking
1 reviews

Join the Everest Base Camp trek to see the region that has captivated adventurous men and woman for over 100 years! See the history, culture and diversity in just 15 days.

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15 days Scheduling Shared Tour Eastern Region
Tibetan Horseback Riding Trek to Everest Base Camp, 14 Days
1 reviews

Horseback riding trek will gives you a unique adventure journey in Nepal to make your holiday enjoyable and explore their imagination.

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14 days Scheduling Private Tour Kathmandu
7 Day Everest View Trek
0 reviews

Explore the best of the Himalayas! See the Everest view at sunset and the breathtaking views of Khumbu. Tour the famous Namche Bazaar before your hiking experience!

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Price varies by dates
7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
11 Day Everest Base Camp Trek
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Experience once in a lifetime views and adventures to the Base Camp of the famous, World's tallest mountain Mount Everest - standing at the height of 8848 m above sea level.

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11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
Classic Everest Base Camp Trek
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The 15 days Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the classic Everest Treks, trailing through South route the EBC trek is a must do adventure journey.

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15 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
14 Day - Annapurna Base Camp Trek
0 reviews

Annapurna Base Camp trek is a famous 14-day trek in Nepal. This trek offers magnificent views of the Annapurna Range, walking through the rhododendron forests.

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Price varies by dates and group size
14 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
Everest base camp trek 12 days
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Go and see the world tallest mountain on an Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour which is one of the most famous trekking destinations for adventure-seekers in Nepal!

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12 days Scheduling Shared Tour Kathmandu
Boudhanath Stupa
1 With Private Tour watch out for the Tibetan monks with their unique robes and shaven heads, they can be found spinning prayer wheels and preaching around the Stupa. The Boudhanath Stupa is encased around prayer wheels with multi-colored flags surrounding its octagonal base. This place is rich with culture and has five statues representing the elements air, water, fire, earth, and ether. 
Durbar Square
2 With Private Tour come and see the heart of Kathmandu in the famous Durbar Square, the number of temples surrounding the square is staggering with some temples dating back to the 12the century. The complex of royal palaces, architecture and breathtaking buildings dating back to the 1500's. For sightseers, this is the diamond in the crown that is Nepal with all its culture, architecture, beauty and culinary delights.
3 A Private Tour will take you on a short trip to Bhaktapur just ten kilometers from Kathmandu and see the Nyatapola Temple, its the tallest temple in Nepal at five stories high. The Royal Palace is based here and holiday makers have access to the golden gate and the public art gallery boasting exquisite cloth paintings. This area is timeless, see potters and weavers working in the square and farmers laying out grains in the sun.
Garden of dreams
4 These gardens are one of the most peaceful and calming places in Nepal. Beautiful gardens found near the centre of Thamel. Your private tour will guide you around the tranquil lawns, gardens with deep flower beds, around the fountain at the centre of the backyard. A place to sit and absorb the serene surroundings there are gazebos and pavilions located in different areas all kept in tip top condition. 
The Pashupatinath Temple
5 The most famous Hindu temples of Nepal is the Pashupatinath Temple which was built in 1696. Its architecture is of Pagoda style and is set on the river bank of the Bagmati river. The temple itself is stunning in design and decor with carved rafters, gilded rooftop, and fabulous four silver plated main doors with statues of gods all around, it is truly breathtaking and utterly mesmerising once you are inside the temple.
The Narayanhiti Palace
6 Our private tour of this Palace was certainly full of fascinating history although, some not so long ago. Before the Narayanhiti Palace became a museum, it was the main home for the royal family of Nepal until tragedy struck in 2001 when the Prince shot his parents and six other Royals because he was not allowed to marry the girl he loved. After a vote by the people, no more royal kings were elected.
Chitwan National Park
7 This park was founded in 1973 and received its world heritage status in 1984. This nature reserve with jungle and forest has an array of animals to ogle at such as crocodiles, one-horned rhinos, wild boar, deer, monkeys, hyenas and over 400 species of birds. It also exclusively houses sloth bears, Bengal tigers, wild elephants and leopards. With this being one of Nepal's best attractions it is recommended holidaymakers !
Kopan Monastery
8 Founded in the 1970s, this famous monastery currently houses 360 monks. Every morning chanting by the monks can be heard in traditional Tibetan voice, and in the evening pooja/puja ceremony can be heard to promote love, peace, study and silence among the people. Daily courses in yoga are offered by the monastery which provides a peaceful, serene atmosphere with beautiful panoramic views of the valley. 
Royal Botanical Gardens
9 These gardens are extremely impressive especially famous for its orchids. With over 450 varieties of plants in over 80 hectares of land. The gardens host a myriad of decorative ponds and green houses. The visitor center displays a range of Nepal's national flower rhododendrons and also cacti, ferns, lilies and of course orchids. The fresh water spring called the Godavari spring sprays cold water direct from the Godavari river!
Swayambhunath Stupa
10 A Private Tour to the "Money Temple", look over some of the spectacular scenery in the world with superb panoramic views. Swayambhunath Stupa is one of the most religious places in Nepal and is said to be one of the oldest of its kind with a multitude of monasteries and shrines to visit with Private Tours. The English translation for Swayambhunath is self-existent one and has inscriptions dating back to 460 AD.

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