Fun and Adventures to Make You Swoon on a Private Tour of Cancún

Cancún on a private tour and there will be lots of fun times and adventurous activities to make you swoon.

Connected to the mainland by bridges, Cancún is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and is one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

It is one of three locations that make up the ‘Mayan Riviera’. The other places are Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.

The shores are lined with white sandy beaches that are cool to the touch, even on the hottest days, due to the sand being made from the bountiful Yucatan Peninsula’s crushed coral. This makes life much easier for taking part in the beach activities such as beach volleyball, sand castle making or just for walking along the miles of beach.

When you are in Cancún, you can understand exactly why this city is the top destination for tropical vacations, university spring breaks, weddings and honeymoons. The stunning beaches, excellent hotels, facilities, activities, sights, restaurants and lively, entertaining nite life.

Let the activities begin!
Cenote Ik IL & Private Tour to Chichen Itza with Lunch Included
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Visit Chichen Itza arqueological World Heritage Site, Valladolid Colonial Magic Town and natural, Cenote Ik Il. Private van, certified tourist guide and buffet lunch.

From USD
Price varies by group size
10 to 12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Yucatan
Chichen Itza, Cenotes & Valladolid VIP 1 Day Private Tour from Cancun/Riviera May
0 reviews

A totally Must See destination in the area, amazing Chichen Itza, combined with a typical Mexican village and swim in the Sacred place for the Mayans

From USD
1 days Scheduling Private Tour Yucatan
Coba & Sacred Cenotes of the Mayas 1 Day VIP Private Tour from Cancun/ Riviera Maya
0 reviews

Live the Mayan Culture at it's Best, Explore Monumental Coba located deep in the middle of the Jungle, Swim at the Sacred Cenotes on this 1 Day VIP Private Tour

From USD
1 days Scheduling Private Tour Quintana Roo
Exciting Cancun Shopping with Sightseeing Tour
0 reviews

An exhilarating shopping experience featuring hidden gems and exclusive store discounts of Cancun's downtown and hotel zone as well as some sightseeing

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Price varies by dates
5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Quintana Roo
Private Cancun City Tour
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Discover Cancun! The best and most complete tour of the city. Combine shopping and sightseeing with a visit to the archeological site El Meco.

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Price varies by dates
7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Quintana Roo
4 Hour Adventuras Catamaran Tour (up to 40 people)
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Have the time of your life on this magnificent 46-foot long catamaran with all your family and friends on the Caribbean Sea!

From USD
4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Quintana Roo
7 Hours Aventuras Catamaran Private Tour (up to 40 people)
0 reviews

Have the time of your life on this magnificent 46-foot long catamaran with all your family and friends on the Caribbean Sea!

From USD
7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Quintana Roo
Dolphin Swim Adventure in Isla Mujeres
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Enjoy kisses from the dolphins - The cutest kiss you've ever had! An unforgettable experience and fun for all the family,

From USD
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Quintana Roo
Snorkel and Swim With Turtles, A Fun Way to Discover 4 Areas of Cancun!
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Enjoy 4 different snorkelling spots on a single tour! Snorkel over a live coral reef, admire underwater statues, swim and play with turtles and explore a shipwreck.

From USD
3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Quintana Roo
Whale Sharks and Sea Turtles 7 Hour Guided Tour, Mexico
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Swim with The Whale Shark - The Biggest Fish on Earth! Elevate your experience swimming with Sea Turtles in Cancun warm waters. Transportation and all equipment included.

From USD
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Quintana Roo
Chichen Itza
1 You must take a guided tour to one of the Seven Wonders of the World when in Cancún, Chichen Itza. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a spectacular place to see. It is a wonderful display of advanced civilization of the Maya people. The site is made up of stone buildings in various states of preservation that are connected by a network of roads. The top attractions are El Castillo, the Great Ball Court and Temple of Warriors.
Coba Ruins
2 Not too far from Cancún are the Coba Ruins and a place that is worth seeing on a guided tour. A highlight of a tour here is that you can climb the 138 feet tall pyramid which was the heart of this ancient Mayan city, this is not possible in many other Maya sites in Mexico. From the top, you see the most amazing views. There are around 50 stone causeways that have been discovered here and 16 of them are open for visitors to walk.
Sistema Dos Ojos
3 If you love diving, then take an adventure tour to Sistema Dos Ojos which are the unique and incredible caves and underground rivers found in Yucatan Peninsula. Over the past 6,500 years, these were created naturally and are 300 miles of interconnected passageways and caves. There is incredible beauty to be seen when you go diving to the caves through the crystal clear waters such as the stalagmites and stalactites.
Cancún Interactive Aquarium
4 Go on a fascinating guided tour of Cancún’s only Interactive Aquarium. In the spacious fish tanks there are lots of exotic species of sea life and at the touching pool, visitors can feel such marine life as starfish and octopus. There are performances by sea lions, dolphins and even sharks to enjoy. The best thing here is that it is possible to swim with the dolphins and sea lions, it's not recommended to swim with the sharks though!
Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park
5 There are guided tours galore to be taken when you visit the Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park on the seashore close to Cancún. This park is full of activities and attractions that bring together fun and education on traditions and culture of the Mayans. There is a traditional Fiesta Charra and a Mayan Ball Game or visits to the Butterfly Pavilion on Jaguar Island. Swim and snorkel in underground rivers or with the Dolphins
Maya Museum and Archaeological site, Cancún
6 In the heart of Cancún hotel zone is a modern white building which houses the Maya Museum. This is where you can learn all there is to know about the ancient Mayan Civilization. The museum has 3,500 pieces in their collections however only around 320 are on display. After the museum, take the passageway that leads to the San Miguelito archaeological site which is a large green oasis with paths bringing you to ancient structures.
El Rey Ruins
7 Take a guided tour to the El Rey Ruins in Cancún’s Hotel Zone. On this fascinating archaeological site, there are estimated to have been 47 structures inhabited by the Mayans here going back to 900AD. See the two main platforms and temples that are believed to be the remains of religious ceremonial structures and market area. To honor the Mayan Sun God, this place was named El Rey for the mask and skull found on the site.
Diving and Snorkeling Tours
8 There are so many excellent scuba diving and snorkeling locations around Cancún, you could spend every day of your vacation on a different tour and still not see everywhere. There are diving tours to crystal caves, shipwrecks and many colorful coral reefs. Alternatively, why not go on a snorkeling tour where you get to snorkel with whale sharks, the gentle giants of Mexico. All tours are with experienced and qualified divers.
Xel-Há Park
9 An excellent sightseeing tour where you can take part in lots of activities is the Xel-Há Park which is found in the Mayan Riviera. For nature lovers, it is regarded as a true paradise with an amazing natural aquarium as an added extra. It is possible to swim or better yet snorkel among the tropical fish or take jungle trails on foot, on a mini train or by bicycle to explore flora and fauna in their natural habitat.
See Cancún from the sky
10 A very interesting way to see Cancún is from the sky and there are many great flight tours available to do this. There is a helicopter tour of the city, sights and sea or a light aircraft scenic tour which is especially good at sunset. Alternatively, you can get to Chichen Itza on a guided tour by plane. These are amazing experiences no matter which one you try. It is amazing how much you see from up above looking down.

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