Warmth, Charm, Sights and Magic Found In Mesmerising Merida on City Tour

To see mesmerizing Merida on a city tour, you are left with the warmth of welcome, the charm of the streets, the stunning sights and the magic in the air.

The city of Merida is Yucatan’s vibrant capital and it is rich in colonial and Mayan heritage. It is also one of the most perfect places to escape to from normal life.

A quiet paradise is how the city of Merida has been described. The charm is abundant in the beautiful streets and the air of peacefulness is just what you sometimes need when you go away.

The city of Merida is not a coastal city, but it is still very close to beaches and the wonderful activities that can be done there. It is possible to organize custom tours where you get to go to the beach to relax and then at different stages do activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, paragliding and more.

Let the activities begin!
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The Mayan Peninsula 6 Days VIP Private Tour from Cancun/Riviera Maya
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Gran Museo del Mundo Maya
1 Take a guided tour of Mexico’s most important museum’s, the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. This museum has everything you need to know about the Mayan culture, traditions and history. There are four exhibitions that are permanent and very large where you can see over 500 relics and artifacts.  You will see include ancient sculptures and engravings, textiles from the pre-Spanish era and historic documents. 
Merida Cathedral
2 Where once there was a Maya Temple, there now stands the Merida Cathedral. On a guided tour, see Yucatan’s largest church which was completed in 1598. While the exterior of this cathedral is rather plain, the interior is very different. The rich decor is influenced by the Mayan and colonial histories. Things to see include the painting of the Maya ruler, Titul-Kiu which is above the door and the Chapel of the Christ of Blisters.
The Natural History Museum
3 One of the sights to see on a city tour is the Natural History Museum in Merida. The building in which the museum is housed is worth the visit alone. This stunning building was beautifully restored and its architecture is divine. There are collections from the Maya civilization and pre-Columbian Mexico. The sacrificial gifts that were found at the bottom of Chichen Itza cenote are just one of the highlights here.  
Casa Montejo
4 Another wonderful place to see on a city tour is Casa Montejo which is located on the south side of the Plaza Mayor. When it comes to Spanish colonial architecture found in Mexico, this is among the best examples. It was the home of the affluent Montejo family from the time it was built in 1549 until 1978. It has a Plateresque facade and the interior rooms are now museums. There are also two courtyards.
The Governor’s Palace
5 A very popular attraction to visit on a guided tour is that of the Governor’s Palace. This very beautiful building was built in 1892, but the biggest attraction are the 31 murals which were painted during 1971-1974 by Fernando Castro Pacheco, the Campeche artist. In addition to the murals and masterpiece of a courtyard, there is a collection of paintings by other top Mexican artists in the History Room. 
Parque Cepeda Peraza and the Church of Jesus
6 When in Merida on a sightseeing tour, see the Parque Cepeda Peraza and in this picturesque park is the Church of Jesus or also known as the Church of the Third Order. This 17th-century church has a superb exterior but also a very interesting interior. One such thing is its high altar with an altarpiece of carved and gilded wood which is exquisite. Enjoy a horse-drawn coach ride when in this park.
The Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Yucatan
7 The Museum of Contemporary Art is known better as MACAY and is a very important museum to the state of Yucatan. On a guided tour explore all the exhibits some of which are permanent and others temporary. There is both contemporary and modern art displayed. The works from Mexican artists such as Gabriel Ramirez Aznar, Fernando Garcia and Fernando Castro Pacheco are definitely the top attractions.
Parque Zoologico del Centenario
8 When you would like a break from all the architecture and history city tours, then spend some time in the Parque Zoologico del Centenario, Merida’s Zoo. This Zoo is very large with lovely greenery that is refreshing. Some of the animals you can see include bears, lions, monkeys, an aviary and lots more. There is also a playground with the special feature of number boats. This is fun for all the family.
Canton Palace
9 Take a guided tour to Canton Palace which was built in 1911 and where General Canton and his family lived. This is a stunning and spectacular building both on the exterior and interior which is now home to the Regional Anthropology Museum. Even if you are not interested in Anthropology, this Palace is still worth seeing, learning about and exploring when in the city of Merida.
Diving Adventures from Merida
10 From Merida why not go on excellent diving tours for a day of adventure and excitement. There are many great diving destinations not too far from the city. There are also cenotes located not too far either and they are where you can have the best experiences diving. All tours are with experienced and qualified diving instructors and it is a great way to spend a day.

Travel Tips for Mérida