Adventures and Fun, a Pure Delight on a Private Tour of Puerto Vallarta

There are plenty of adventures and fun activities that are a pure delight when you go on a private tour of Puerto Vallarta.

This resort city is on the Pacific coast of Mexico and is well known for its fabulous beaches, excellent water sports and many activities but also for the lively and entertaining nightlife to suit all ages.

The town centre is beautifully cobblestoned and it is where you will see Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church as well as lots of quaint shops, cafes and bars.

One of the great things about Puerto Vallarta is that even though it has a lot of modern buildings and facilities, it has been able to hang on to its Old Mexican charm. Do not be surprised to see old farmers and their donkeys delivering their wares in some regions of the city.

In the shops, you can purchase crafts made by the local Indians. These crafts are made still using methods that were used hundreds of years ago.

This resort is a favorite stop for cruise liners. As they arrive into the modern marina, passengers are eager to go in organized sightseeing tours and explore this adorable city.

Let the activities begin!
Private Marietas Islands Snorkel Tour
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Discover the National Park of the Marietas Islands by boat and take your chance to snorkel above coral reef with tons of colored fishes!

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4 to 5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Puerto Vallarta
Marietas Islands
1 Take a sightseeing tour to the Marietas Islands which is an uninhabited group of islands off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. A highlight of this tour is the ‘ Hidden Beach’ which can only be reached through a water tunnel by swimming of by kayak. These islands are the result of underwater volcano eruptions over hundreds of years, but the hidden beach is said to have been created after a deliberate bombing.
Banderas Bay
2 Banderas Bay spreads along three cities and is a stunning place with the crystals waters, sandy beaches and the backdrop of the Sierras. From Banderas Bay, you can go on great hump-back whale watching tours because close to the Bay is where the hump-back whales breed and give birth. It is also a place to spend the day on the beach relaxing or taking part in the many activities either on the beach or in the water.
Puerto Vallarta’s Naval Historic Museum
3 Take a guided tour to the Naval Historic Museum in El Centro, Puerto Vallarta. It is here that there are English and Spanish interactive exhibitions on the rich maritime of Mexico from the past to the present. A great interactive item is the five screen navigation simulator where you pilot a ship through difficult conditions. This is an enjoyable place to learn more about Mexico and its maritime.
Estero El Salado - Puerto Vallarta
4 This eco- reserve sanctuary is located within minutes from Puerto Vallarta and is quite a contrast to the beach areas. This is a place of green havens, mangroves and marshes. As the boat tour idles through the swamps, marshes and mangroves, there are many different wildlife species to observe such as Christmas Tree Crabs, a huge array of bird species, crocodiles and other various reptiles.
Galleria Dante
5 The most eclectic and largest art gallery in Puerto Vallarta is Galleria Dante. The location and setting of this gallery all add the enjoyment of a guided tour of here. It is housed in an old traditional hacienda with a sculpture garden in Old Town Basilio Badillo. The type of art found in the gallery ranges from masterpieces that should be in museums to new art from young new artists, the majority of which are Mexican.  
Cuale Archaeological Museum
6 The National Institute of Anthropology and History is who founded the Cuale Museum, a small but compact place to take a guided tour. Some of the exhibitions to be seen include Nomadic to sedentarism, shaft tombs and underground offerings, The Spanish Conquest,  Aztatian and ceramic symbols, Chupicuaro design symmetry and The Purepecha empire. For a place that looks so small, there is a lot to see when you are here.  
Quimixto Village and Waterfall
7 When in Puerto Vallarta, everyone should take a sightseeing tour to one of the small villages. One such village is Quimixto, a small and quaint fishing village on Banderas Bay. Lush green jungle surrounds the village on three sides and the other is where you can take great fishing tours. From the village, you can walk, hike or go by donkey to see the Waterfall. The climb is fairly steep but so worth the effort.
Sea Safari Tours
8 It is possible to do a sea safari tour when in Puerto Vallarta as many tour operators provide the facility. The majority of the safari tours include a speedboat tour along the coast, stopping off at a few locations. There is the Fishertown’s Town or Pizota to name examples. Also when you are on this tour, there is a lot of swimming and snorkeling to be enjoyed. This is a highly recommended tour to do.
Zip lining in Sierra Madre Mountains
9 For the true thrill seekers bored with beach life, there is always the opportunity to go zip lining in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Puerto Vallarta. Whisked from a number of platforms, you can zipline 90 feet above sea level through the tropical rain forest see the likes of tropical birds, wildlife and stunning greenery. This is an exhilarating day for the adventurous and nature lovers and one that is extremely popular.
Boat tours, Diving and Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta
10 Obviously, with Puerto Vallarta being a coastal resort there are many excellent tours to take related to the Ocean. The boat tours can be very relaxing and a great way to see the city from a different perspective. The diving and snorkeling excursions are some of the best, you are brought to many different places to explore life underwater and to swim with sea lions. Fishing tours, sailing and speedboat rides are other great tours.

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