Visit the Exciting 'place of Coyotes' on a Private Tour of Coyoacan

Why not visit the wonderful and exciting ‘ place of Coyotes’ on a Private Tour of Coyoacan, a small neighborhood in the centre of Mexico City.

This fabulous little neighborhood was once a rural village and is now a district in the capital city that is rich in art and history.

Should you be looking for an interesting yet quiet time away, then spend a few days in this charming area of a bustling city. Enjoy early morning strolls through the streets, have a tasty breakfast in one of the many popular cafes where you can watch the world pass by.

There is much history to this neighborhood that tourists can learn all about in the excellent sightseeing, guided or private tours available here.

As with the majority of places in Mexico, you will find the local people extremely friendly and helpful. In the shops or markets, the vendors may haggle the price with you, but it is all done in great banter and fun.

Let the activities begin!
Frida Kahlo Museum
1 Frida Kahlo was an iconic Spanish artist, made even more famous by the movie Frida, who was born in Coyoacan and her birthplace is now the Frida Kahlo Museum. The house is also known as La Casa Azul or the Blue House thanks to the vibrant color. This museum gives you an insight into the passionate and often tumultuous life of Frida. It may not have a huge collection of her work but what it has, is fascinating to see on guided tour.
Viveros de Coyoacan
2 When on a sightseeing tour of Coyoacan, be sure to take a walk through Viveros de Coyoacan which is Mexico City’s principle nursery for all parks and gardens. It is found on the way to the central Plaza and has Coyoacan’s iconic Fountain of the Coyotes. As it is also a public park, there are nature trails, running paths, play areas for children, beautiful plants benches to relax and watch the many busy squirrels! 
Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli
3 Take a guided tour of the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli and be amazed not only by its wonderful contents but also by the building. Mexico’s famous muralist, Diego Rivera designed the building and due to his keen interest in the culture of Mexico, it is his collection of some 60,000 pre-Hispanic pieces that are on display here. The vast building looks almost pyramid shaped and is made of volcanic black stone.
Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones
4 When you take an interesting guided tour of the Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones, you are getting to see two different museums in the one place. One part is all about the history of the site as this was once a monastery built on top of an Aztec shrine some 300 years ago. The other is where there are displays of artifacts relating to the conflicts that took place in Mexico and shows how Mexico’s modern Republic has been shaped.  
Church of San Juan Bautista
5 Among the most beautiful churches found in Mexico City is the Church of San Juan Bautista which is located in the heart of Coyoacan. It was declared as a national monument back in 1934 due to it being one of the oldest and sacred places of worship for Catholics in the Mexican Valley. When you enter the baroque architecture church, you sense the spiritual atmosphere and many have felt empowered and positive after a tour here.
The Los Coyotes Zoo
6 Aptly named the Los Coyotes Zoo is located in Coyoacan and it does have coyotes along with a number of other animals which you can see on a guided tour or strolling around the zoo yourself. The other animals include cougars, deer, mexican wolf, lynx, raccoon and a lot more along with a vast amount of bird species. This zoo teaches you about the native and endemic fauna found in the Mexico Basin.
Museum of Contemporary Art
7 Located the neighborhood of Coyoacan in Mexico City is the University Museum of Contemporary Art. This is a fascinating and interesting tour to go on even if you are not that much of an art lover. The type of contemporary art which is on display here include silkscreens, photographs, oils, collages and videos, all of which have been developed in Mexico. There are some wonderful pieces to fall in love with.
Garden Botanico Coyoacan
8 One of the best guided tours to do, if you love plants, where you learn just how diverse Mexico is when it comes to plant life, is the one to the Botanic Gardens. With over 1,600 species of plants from forests, jungles and desert to look at, you can expect to be enthralled for hours. 300 of the species are endangered or threatened and therefore their preservation is vital in these gardens
National Museum of Watercolors
9 Another great sightseeing tour for art lovers is the National Museum of Watercolors “Alfredo Guati Rojo” is a must. It was founded in 1967 and was the first museum of this type in the world. Maestro Alfredo Guati Rojo was the artist behind this museum. There are seven galleries to explore and all have wonderful masterpieces from all eras starting from pre-Hispanic times to modern day.  
Markets of Coyoacan
10 For the true experience of a Mexican market, you have to visit the Mercado de Coyoacan when on a sightseeing tour here. The atmosphere at the market feels, sometimes, like a party. The vendors can be very entertaining and love to laugh and have fun with tourists. The market has food produce as well as artisan items with one of the best examples of local craftsmanship for sale. 

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