Historical Tales to Tell of a Private Tour of San Miguel De Allende

Once you have been on a Private Tour of San Miguel de Allende, there will be plenty of historical tales to tell due to this city being rich in history dating back to 1542.

Its name alone has historical significance; the city was named after Mexico’s War of Independence most prominent figure General Ignacio Allende. There is also the stories relating to the silver trade during the 16th century.

Other reasons why many tourists fall in love with the city of San Miguel de Allende is the beauty of the city from the buildings to the people.

The architecture of some of the grander buildings is stunning and you can spend hours looking at all the different nooks and crannies, sculptures, carvings and other features that are in the design.

The San Miguel de Allende locals are beautiful people both inside and out. Their warmth and friendliness is obvious from the moment you meet someone. They are proud of their city and therefore take pride in it and they want all visitors to fall in love with it as they do.

Let the activities begin!
Historic Museum of San Miguel de Allende
1 The San Miguel de Allende Historic Museum is a fascinating place to take a guided tour. Located in the 18th century home of a leader in the Mexican Independence War, Ignacio Allende, this museum tells the story of this city’s history. There is a replica of Allende’s home on one of the floors and look out for the inscription on the front which when translated from Latin says ‘Born here, known everywhere’.  
Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel
2 The Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel looks more like a fairytale castle than a church and is a place highly recommended to see on a guided tour. The main part of the church dates back to the 17th century, but the ‘pink’ towers were added in the 19th century and were designed by Ceferino Gutierrez, a native stonemason. Inside is the 16th-century image made from cornstalks and orchids, the Cristo de la Conquest.  
The Charco del Ingenio Botanic Gardens
3 Take a sightseeing tour of the botanical gardens of San Miguel de Allende which is also a ceremonial place, a recreational area and wildlife and bird sanctuary. Within the 88 hectares of garden is a Conservatory of Mexican Plants which includes some incredible cacti. When there is a full moon, the gardens hold ceremonies which are interesting experiences and the canyon has a freshwater spring.
Sanctuary de Atoetonilco
4 Sanctuary de Atoetonilco which has six chapels is close to San Miguel de Allende. It was founded as a spiritual retreat in 1740 and it was here that Ignacio Allende was married in 1802. It was also here that Ignacio, Miguel Hidalgo and other independent rebels stopped while on the way from Dolores to San Miguel to take the shrine’s banner as their flag. There are many features and statues to admire here.
La Esquina Museum
5 A very entertaining and enjoyable guided tour for all the family is that of La Esquina Museum in San Miguel de Allende. This is a toy museum set up to preserve Mexican toys and games. It was the first of its kind set up in Mexico. There are four rooms where the toys are displayed by region from which they came and the culture surrounding these areas. There are many toys to see from many different eras.
Casa de Cultura Banamex
6 Casa de Cultura Banamex and Casa del Mayorazgo del la Canal on a guided tour. The Palace of the Conde de la Canal is an ornate baroque building with a peaceful courtyard that displays historical and fine art items. The building is from the 17th century and interesting even before you enter to see the showcases of art and history. If you like architecture, you will enjoy touring here.
Benito Juerez Park
7 For an enjoyable and leisurely sightseeing tour, visit Benito Juarez Park in San Miguel de Allende. It is a very tranquil and peaceful park that has winding paths, colorful vibrant flowers, a play area for children and benches to sit and relax on. It is the biggest park in the area and a great place to escape the bustling city. There are excellent facilities here too.
El Mirador
8 For the energetic, take a sightseeing tour to El Mirador which may include a bit of a hike. It is a scenic spot in San Miguel de Allende from which you get to see the incredible views of the city from. On a clear day, you can see from miles the city and surrounding areas. It is worth taking a tour to this location for the great photo opportunities and the exercise.
Templo de la Concepcion
9 Another excellent church to see on a sightseeing tour is the Templo de la Concepcion. It has magnificent oil paintings that are ancient and a stunning altar. Just inside the doorway, there are wise sayings on the walls which will give pause to anyone entering the church. Building began in the mid 18th century and like Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, the same designer added a dome in the 19th century.
San Miguel de Allende Markets
10 Like most cities in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende has excellent markets and if you are a tourist, you should really try to visit one. The atmosphere is fantastic and you can have great fun with the vendors haggling the price of what you want to buy. The local craftspeople sell their fine crafts in the markets as do the local farmers. A very enjoyable place to pick up souvenirs.  

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