Go Loco on a Private Tour to Acapulco With Sun, Thrills and Cliff Dives

To quote a famous song ‘Let’s go loco’ on a private tour of Acapulco with lots of sun, many thrills and the possibility of cliff diving for the experienced diver.

This resort was once the most popular in Mexico thanks to the jet setters from Hollywood, royalty and the wealthy making Acapulco their top holiday destination during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

It is located in a, now protected, bay off the Pacific Ocean on the southwesterly coast of Mexico and is one of the oldest resort towns. Even though there are newer resorts which are more popular, Acapulco still has so much to offer a tourist.

The beautiful beaches, secluded coves, crystal clear warm waters, the excellent and countless outdoor activities, fantastic scenery and the ’raging’ nightlife are the main attractions that make people from all over the world want to come here as well as the locals from all over Mexico. It is fun in Acapulco!

Let the activities begin!
4 Hour Isla Mujeres Catamaran PDEX (up to 35 people)
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Enjoy this catamaran with a capacity of 35 people to see the beautiful sunset and make this a very romantic event or a big party with family and friends.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Acapulco
7 Hour Isla Mujeres Catamaran PDEX Private Tour (for up to 35 people)
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Enjoy this catamaran with capacity for 35 people to see the beautiful sunset and make this a very romantic event or a big party with family and friends.

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7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Acapulco
La Quebrada
1 The top attraction in Acapulco has to be the Cliffs of La Quebrada and this is a great sightseeing tour. The cliffs are spectacular to see and the views are superb, but the best thing is the divers. Experienced and professional divers plunge from ledges 40 feet high or 80 feet high into the narrow inlet below on a daily basis, day and night. They have to time their dives perfectly to coincide with the incoming waves.  
The Fort of San Diego
2 Home to Acapulco’s History Museum, the Fort of San Diego is an important historic monument in Acapulco. On a sightseeing tour, you will find it on a hill in the heart of downtown. The shape and geometric design of the fort is a major part of the landscape with its five point star. The museum shows the most interesting moments of Acapulco’s history and the role the fortress played. There is much to see on tour here.
Coyuca Lagoon
3 A private boat tour is definitely the best way to explore the Coyuca Lagoon. The boat navigates through some fantastic jungle scenery, see Bird Island and the Isla del Hombre de Las Siete Espousas. Sail down the canal and you are in the area where the movie Rambo II was filmed. From there move on down to where the river, ocean and lagoon meet. Other trivia is that Tarzan the tv series was filmed here. This is a leisurely tour.
Fishing in Acapulco
4 For an unforgettable experience in Acapulco is fishing. On a private fishing tour, you are brought out to the high seas where it is possible to fish for the likes of Northern Red Snapper, Marlin and Mahi-Mahi. All tours are with experienced anglers who are there to help or teach you how to catch the fish of your life. Even if there are no fish caught, it is an excellent way to spend a day.  
Papagayo Park
5 To get away from beaches for a day, take a day tour to Papagayo Park in the heart of Acapulco. This is a protected natural area where you can interact with a variety of animals and birds. There are restaurants to sit, relax and watch the people going by. Also, you can swim in the swimming pool or visit one of the 3 lakes. Other activities include skating, basketball, volleyball, soccer and going on rides.  
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude
6 An interesting place to see on a sightseeing tour is The Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude. This cathedral was built in 1930 with Byzantine towers and a Moorish-style dome. There is a lot of gold decoration in the interior. Acapulco’s patron saint is The Virgin of Solitude since heritage was sent to Mexico by King Philip II and during Mexico’s Independence, she was symbolically named General. 
Isla de la Roqueta
7 Off the coast of traditional Acapulco and the coast of Las Playas is a large island called Isla de la Roqueta. Take a glass bottom boat tour over to the island which is a big stony crag that is topped with lush green vegetation. Playa Roqueta is a small rustic beach where you can go snorkelling, kayaking and other water related activities. See exotic animals in the modest but compact zoo or take hiking tours along the trails.  
Chapel of Peace, Trouyet Cross
8 Take a guided tour to a place of peace and serenity, The Chapel of Peace which is located perched on a cliff that is overlooking the Bay of Acapulco. The views are exceptional and worth the tour alone. The chapel is charming, quaint and small with onyx facades. There is a large cross beside the chapel called Trouyet Cross and in front of it, is a stunning statue of 2 hands joining that signifies brotherhood.
Beaches of Acapulco
9 It is a true to say that Acapulco has some of the best beaches in Mexico and a lot to choose from. The wonderful thing about the beaches is that they each offer something different and have their own distinct personality. To name a few: Pie de la Cuesta is miles of sandy beach and has stunning sunsets, Playa Roqueta and Playa Marin are rustic beaches, Playa Caleta and Caletilla are traditional beaches and huge favorites.
Diving and Snorkelling Tours in Acapulco
10 There are many areas along the coast of Acapulco where you can go on excellent Diving and Snorkelling tours. You are brought to areas to get the best experience of life underwater. All tours are with experienced divers who are with you the entire time. Other activities that can be done while on these tours include snorkeling and paddle boarding. Great adventures and memorable times can be had on these tours.  

Travel Tips for Acapulco